10 Tips for Washing Your Car with A Pressure Washer

Like most of the people, I love the glossy exterior of my car, and therefore, pressure washes it to retain the shiny look. However, with my years of experience, I came to know that it is no taken for the granted job. You need to be careful about lots of things. So, I decided to come up with ten tips for washing your car with a pressure washer. These tips are carefully selected to meet the demands of all.

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Top Ten Car Pressure Washing Tips

If you want to pressure wash your car and get a pro-level result, these are the tips for you. I have tested them personally and were satisfied with the outcome. I believe these suggestions would come handy for you too.

PSI & GPM Is The Ultimate Controller

When you pressure wash your car, you require a higher cleaning unit (CU) to get the job done quickly without compromising the quality. Thus, you need higher PSI and GPM because the higher these two, the higher will be the pressure and water flow.

Car cleaning experts suggest that a pressure washer with 1500-2000 PSI and 1.5-2 GPM works excellently to cleaning the grime and debris of a car.

The Nozzle Holds The Ultimate Secret

Although there are several sizes available for the injectors, car washing requires one that distributes the pressure and flow equally.Your Machine says that a 25° nozzle with a green mark is designed to rinse the mud and debris from the surface of the car. It also cleans the car wheels with ease. However, their experts say that a zero-degree nozzle with the red mark is detrimental to car painting.

Parking At The Right Spot Is Essential

While you take your car to pressure wash, park it in place with adequate space so that you can move quickly. I recommend you to use a substantial driveway or street. However, be careful to avoid wetting other objects and cars.

Moreover, if you use an electric washer, make sure the plug-in connection is reachable.

Choose The Right Angle

You must find the perfect edge of your pressure washer while you clean the car. Most people hold the pressure washer abruptly causing damage to the car paint. Whereas, cleaning experts advise us to wash the vehicle from top to bottom, carrying the pressure washer in a 45° angle.

Proper Distance Is AKey

Standing too far away from your car will hamper the cleaning procedure. The car surface will receive less pressure, and debris won’t rinse off entirely. On the contrary, standing extremely close to your car body will harm the painting and waxing. Usually, if you stand about 2-3 feet away and start washing your car, it will give you the best result.

Long Hose Lessens Your Hard Work

You need to move frequently around your car as you pressure wash it. Having a long hose pipe of around 4-5M will help you to move quickly. Otherwise, a short hose will need it moving around, making car washing a meticulous job.

Watch Out For The Initial Burst

The first burst of water coming out of the pressure washer after you turn it on is extremely powerful. Therefore, the first spray of the water holds sufficient strength to damage your car painting. Spray the initial burst into the ground to avoid any complications.

Ten Minutes Of Magic 

After you have applied a specific car washing detergent or foam cannon allow it to sit down for 5-7 minutes. However, never keep the soapy layer over the car surface for more than 10 minutes. It will harm the car painting in most cases. 

Some people remain doubtful about the rinsing strength of the detergent or foam or the soap and wait for a more extended period. It is hugely detrimental to the surface wax coating and body paint of the car.

Use ASoft Towel

Most people mistakenly use a hard fiber cloth to clean the car after they rinse their car with water. The hard fiber most likely leaves unwanted scratches on the car surface. Although these scratches might be minimal, it doesn’t look good at all.

WikiHow experts strongly suggest using a soft towel to dry the surface. Nonetheless, a natural airy drying process best fits your car.

Never Forget About Your Safety

Some people take the pressure washing job lightly and starts working without proper protection. Car pressure washing is a sensitive task, so you need to be careful. Never wear shorts, open-toe footwear and never allow your body parts such as hands come in the way of pressure washer and car. The high PSI of water might damage your skin.

Always wear boots and pants while you wash your car. Additionally, wear a hearing aid if you are using a gas pressure washer to reduce the noise. 

Final Thoughts

You can boost your car’s appearance and lifetime through regular pressure washing to it. In this case, these tips should prove handy for you. I would be glad if these suggestions help you which they should. For further information, reach me at my mailbox.