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Best Ratcheting Wrench Set in 2018

Many times come across in a person’s life when he needs tools so that he can repair some of his household items on his own. This is time and precious money to call a service man to do the same.

Repairman costs a lot, and if you have even a minor expertise in repairing minor things then it is better to fix them yourself rather than calling a repair man to do so.

In such a case it is important that you invest once in a good toolbox so that it can go on for a long period of time. What you need in such a situation are some trustworthy tools.

Ratcheting wrench is one such tool which is used to tighten up nuts and bolts.

So, what is the best ratchet wrench is the main question that arises. After all, if you are going to invest only once in a good Toolbox you better find the best ratcheting wrench that you can find and get your hands on it so that you are tension free for many years to come.

Well, this is exactly the question that we are going to answer today. So let’s look at the top ratchet wrenches that are available on the market today and find the best one out there!

Best Ratchet Wrenches Reviews

Image Brand Weight Dimensions Price
Craftsman (20 Pieces) 7.7 pounds 20.9 x 15.7 x 1.5 inches Check
GearWrench (12 Pieces) 3.56 pounds 10.5 x 10.4 x 1.5 inches Check
GearWrench (20 Pieces) 5.8 pounds 19 x 12 x 2 inches Check
GRIP (24 Pieces) 6.5 pounds 14 x 4 x 3 inches Check
GearWrench (13 Pieces) 7.6 pounds 7.6 x 14 x 1.9 inches Check
ToolGuards (22 Pieces) 5.5 pounds 16 x 3.5 x 2.7 inches Check

TOP 5 Best Ratcheting Wrench Sets in 2018

1.Craftsman 20 Piece Ratcheting Wrench Set

What craftsman claims to do is that it reduces your work wherever you need its tool to do so.

No matter where you are and wherever you are working, whether it be under the hood or beneath the kitchen sink, the 20 piece ratchet wrench set by craftsman is always there to reduce your time and reduce the weight that you carry at the same time. The grip of its ratcheting wrench is so sturdy that you can easily keep working and it just won’t let go.

This is why craftsman proudly claim themselves as the best ratchet wrench.


–    It claims easy usage and promises to get your work done before time as there is no reason to lift during the twisting.

–    It features in 10 Inch Sizes: 1/4, 5/16, 11/32, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 11/16 and 3/4″

–    It is also available in 10 metric sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 MM

–    12 degree offset box provides sufficient knuckle clearance

  • Comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 10 inch sizes and 10 metric sizes.
  • The 12 degree offset box helps in easy usage

  • Many users have complained that the trays that they are delivered in are incompetent and do not provide any way in which the wrenches can be stored unless you have a tool box

2.GearWrench 9412 12 Piece Metric Ratcheting Wrench Set

Ratcheting wrench set from GearWrench comes with a 12 piece metric availability. The special feature that the company cleans its ratcheting wrench set to have is that it requires just 5 degree of turn to fasten a bolt.

If the company stands at what it claims its product to have when the product is competent enough and has an edge over its competitors.


–    Patented GearWrench Technology which takes only 5 degrees of turn to tighten a bolt.

–    A 72 tooth wrench comes with the fastener which allows a bolt to be tightened without the wrench to be lifted up.

–    Comes with a handy lifetime manufacturer warranty

  • The GearWrench Technology comes in handy
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty makes things much easier

  • Some of the customers prefer only US made tools, while this is manufactured in Taiwan. But this is not a con in itself.

3.Gearwrench 20-Piece Ratcheting Wrench Set

Another product by GearWrench, this variant is designed to reach places that are very hard to reach with normal wrenches.

Its slim thickness head helps it get to tighter places. The 20 piece set is capable of tightening every nut and bolt, of any size that they come in.


–    The box end moves the fastener so as to provide a premium experience

–    Comes in the following SAE sizes: 1/4, 5/16, 11/32, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 11/16 and 3/4

–    Metri sizes include-  6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18mm

  • The wide ranges of sizes help them to cover all sizes of nuts and bolts.
  • The movement of the fastener provides a very easy experience
  • The slim thickness head helps to reach places which other wrenches are not able to do so

  • The only thing that makes the product special is the brand loyalty, other than that the casing in which they are packed are cheap.

4.GRIP 89358 MM/SAE Combination Wrench Set

The wrench set from grip provides the facility to repair anything anywhere, whether it be in the kitchen, garage, or any household items inside the house.

Any amateur person can even repair the most complex things easily.

Also it covers a wide range of nuts and bolts due to the wide variants of MM and SAE sizes that they provide.


–    Made with drop forged, heat treated alloy steel which provides a hard base and strength.

–    Comes with precise machined opens and box ends.

–    The panels are raised above the height to provide extra stability and strength.

  • They are a simple tool set which can easily come in handy whenever you need them
  • The construction with alloy steel provides extra strength.
  • The texture and preciseness are accurate.

  • Don’t possess anything special that makes them stand out among their competitors

5.GearWrench 9312 13-Piece SAE Master Ratcheting Wrench Set

Another ratcheting wrench set from GearWrench, 13 piece SAE Master is the wrench set for the commuter. It is a portable wrench set which is mainly made to easily be transported from one place to another without everything getting messy.

Providing all the features that are generic wrench set provides, it also comes with the wrench lock system which holds all the constituents in place, so that they do not get jumbled up when being taken somewhere else. It comes with a slim thick head feature which enables it to reach slim areas. At the same time it also includes the patented 5 degree bolt tightening feature. All these interesting features along with great portability makes this one of the most costliest among its competitors as well.


–    Made for the commuter- comes with wrench lock system which holds all the wrenches in place, so that no mess up takes place when transporting from one place to another in a tool box.

–    The slim thick head feature enables it to reach the harder areas.

–    Comes with the patented 5 degree tightening feature along with the generic 30 degree wrenches as well.

–    Features a molded wrench rack along with all variants of SAE sizes.

  • Comes with the patented Technology of GearWrench, which makes bolt tightening much easier
  • All SAE sizes are available in the toolbox
  • Made to not mess up when in a commute

  • Much more expensive than its other counterparts

6.Ratcheting Wrench Set Ratchet Wrenches – 22 Chrome Vanadium Steel Pieces

ToolGuards have made this product to make the life easier for repairmen, and makes tricky tasks easier with its efficient bolt tightening.

Designed for versatility, the product is made of high grade Vanadium Steel. It’s availability in standard and metric sizes make it cover all nuts and bolts sizes.

Loaded with a lifetime guarantee on manufacture defects, the product also features and Amazon 30 day money back guarantee to gain your trust fully.


–    Comes with a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects

–    Amazon 30 day money back guarantee

–    Design from high grade Vanadium Steel

–    Chrome finish for a long lasting product

  • Made with high grade Steel, the product ensures its premium quality
  • It also provides buying convenience with a 30 day money back guarantee
  • The lifetime warranty for the entrusts you of the quality.

  • Although negligible, the generic sizes stated differ from the actual of the given wrenches.


It may seem that selecting the best ratcheting wrench set is a very easy task. People consider even this task menial and that is why they may end up with the wrong products. You see, everything that you by should be according to your convenience so that during the emergencies, those things do not break your trust.

For this purpose, you need to keep in mind what your needs are from a ratcheting wrench set. As we saw from the above options, you can either choose to buy the generic wrench sets if you do not have much use, or you can buy the ones which provide some special features by selling out some extra bucks. If you regularly repair some things, you would prefer more convenient and in that case, would buy a much more premium product which provides a wrench set with all MM sizes.

Although in case of wrenches, the case of delicacy or possible damage is less, still you need to keep in mind what the product is made of as if your usage is pretty common, then the product might end up being rubbed and will wear off quite soon.

So, keep in mind the build quality of the product, as wrenches made out of Vanadium steel hold the most durability.

When buying a wrench set, keep in mind the sizes that are available on the set as well. If you buy a product which does not provide appropriate sizes, your money might go down the drain.

Best Ratchet Wrench- Conclusion

Well, as you see there are many competitive firms in the market which provide high-end wrench sets, wrench sets which you can trust. Although GearWrench dominates the market with three of the top 6 products. The other products are not much behind. But what stands out in case of the former brand is their patented technology, which attracts more customers towards the company.

My advice is- go according to your needs. If you are going to use your tools frequently, then by the ones which are made out of premium Steel because there are fewer chances of them wearing out anytime soon.
At the end, it all comes down to your choice. So make the right one!


The Top 10 Best Torque Wrench That You Can Buy!

There are various torque wrenches one can choose from. Be it click, dial or beam wrenches they all lessen your work to a great extent. A torque wrench can tighten nuts and bolts easily. They should have a proper grip for smooth and effortless gliding. While a lot or torque wrenches are available online, only the best torque wrenches can perform the task with ease. Let’s look at some of the best torque wrench available in the market and their features, so that is it easier for you to choose one according to your exact requirement.


10. 239 Pittsburgh Pro Click Stop Professional Drive Torque Wrench 

This torque wrench utilizes a heavy-duty pawl & cam mechanism. This torque wrench is reversible with ½ inch drive click. The range this tool provides is from 20 to 150 feet. The work is accurate within a range of plus minus 4%. The length of this wrench is 18 inches and can perform really heavy duty stuff. The weight of this item is 3.15 lbs so this one can be easily carried around and you can even keep it in your car to use on the go. The dimension of this wrench is 18 by two by 2 inches and there are no batteries, included in this wrench. This is the best wrenches that are highly recommended by various users. The best part is that, it is lightweight and heavy duty performance can be achieved. Also it is thin enough so that can easily fit in small places. Somehow, the quality and the build seems to be a bit cheap to some people. One more quality of this wrench it is thin so can easily fit in small places and can be used for any purpose.


9. Neiko Adjustable Click 03713A 3 By 8 Inch Torque Wrench 

This product gives absolutely precise torque levels to the user. It is pre-calibrated and has the accuracy of plus minus 4%. This can measure torque from 5 pounds up to 8 pounds. The other features are the pressure scale which is the dual range that is you can measure in foot-pounds or Nm. There is a special click functionality which is audible. There is also a low torque setting you can do, and for sockets, the drive head is three by 8 inches. This absolutely hardy torque wrench has been designed with Vanadium steel which makes this tool last for a really long time. This one can withstand the toughest of jobs easily. There is an ABS case for storage which keeps it safe from rust and corroding away. This product is bound to stay spotless and clean for a long time. The protective case makes this tool handy to carry everywhere. This product can do all the heavy duty stuff, and is not fragile. There is reversible motion, and also you can adjust locking and unlocking. However, a bit pricey product compared to similar competitors.


8. CDI Adjustable 1002MFRPH 3 By 8 Inch Drive Micrometer Torque Wrench 

This product has got dual scale calibrated in two directions. There is the positive lock with a lock ring. This product is absolutely easy to set and fast. Also, it is 100% accurate., Socket removal and retention are really easy to do on this one. This is one of the best torque wrenches available in the market as it provides the comfortable grip. The torque range is from 10 to 100 foot pounds making it work over a wide range. This wrench comes along with a molded case to protect it from all sorts of external parameters like rust and dust. This product is long lasting, and many users have claimed to have used it for many years. There is a certified test certificate inside the box which proves that every single wrench gets tested. It is suitable for repairing bicycles, has a rich look and feel to it,also durable and long lasting. However, some people may find this a bit small in size.


7.ACDeico ARM601 4 and a half digital torque wrench

This device provides better precision than any other torque wrenches available in the market. There is an LCD display which gives absolutely accurate measurements in various units. There is quick release option as well which helps to perform work fast and efficiently. The grip is really soft and slips resistant. You can use it as long as you want without developing blisters in your hand. There are 3 AAA batteries inside this tool, so this is the completely digital torque wrench. The best part is this device is light weight and comes with a one year warranty. So even if you end up damaging your wrench within a year, expect it to be repaired successfully in no time. The range is 4 to 99 ft-lbs. It has an audible buzzer and numerous mode settings according to your needs. This torque wrench is a must have product. It is perfect for using in automobiles and completely digital so more accurate results. The LCD displays various units and not just one.


6.Craftsman MicroTork 9-31425 ½ Inch Drive Torque Wrench

This product is really popular and has the accuracy of plus minus 4%. There are scales stamped on the side which display the toque settings of the tool in the inch or the metric scale. There are lock unlock settings along with twist ring. This tool weights 1 pound, so it’s really light weight. It has dimensions of 13 by three by 3 inches, so it’s really easy to carry around everywhere. There are no batteries included, so you don’t have to worry about your batteries running out. It can do heavy duty work almost up to 200 lbs. The torque setting lock doesn’t let it move while using. All in all, this is a simple yet good product. The product looks and feels really nice and it is quite accurate. Somehow, it is a bit pricey compared to other similar products. Also it is not digital, so there is no exact display.


5.Gorilla TW605 Automotive Torque Wrench

This wrench is specially designed with lug wrench adapters so that it lasts for a really long time. This device enables all the stock lug wrenches to be rightfully used on the lug nuts. This is made of vanadium steel, so it is generally hardy and has a long lifetime. This one has a wall design with is really thin so that it fits all the wheels having lug holes which are narrow. So these are really suitable for cars. This wrench comes with a plastic case to protect it from rust and another natural phenomenon. It includes a 5-inch extension bar so that you can extend it according to your needs. It weighs only 4 pounds, so it is convenient for anyone to use it easily. The dimensions are of 19.2by 2.5 by 2.5 inch, so it is really a long torque wrench. Even all the customers have rated it 4 out of 5 stars which is pretty high.


4.Precison Instruments PREC3FR250F Silver ½ Inch Drive Split Beam Torque Wrench

This tool requires no force from use. Just the amount of force give by your fingertip is enough to set the tool. You do not need to use this in a C shape. These split beam torque wrenches are far better than that wrenches which are micrometer styled clock wrenches. In more rough environments, these are the wrenches that can be of help to you. This one has got a nickel chrome finish which gives it an expensive look. You can set and lock the torque setting on which you can work on. There is one adjustment knob which eliminates the spring tension. It’s really easy and fast to set the torque on one of these adjustable wrenches. This tool is weighing just 4.5 pounds id and one of the best torque wrench available in the market. The dimension of 25.5 by three by 2.1 inches makes it a really long and convenient to use the torque wrench.


3.TEKTON 24335 ½ Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench

This wrench is accurately sized for any type of trucks cars garden and even the lawn. It has a dual and wide range of 10 to 150 ft-lbs which makes it simple to use on different things. You can tighten fasteners once you have set it to the exact precision you need. This way you won’t have to set it repeatedly for doing the same work. Its accuracy level is plus minus 4% which makes it a great choice. This product ensures that your parts are never broken or gets poorly secured. With high precision, this is one of the most popular choices of users. It’s simple to operate and produces the click sound whenever it reaches the torque value which was preset. This way you can stop applying the further force which might damage the parts. The scale can be easily read in low light conditions, suitable whenever you are working at night. It has got no parts of plastic and completely made of steel, so no worries about this tool breaking or wear and tear due to usage.


2. CDI Industrial Brand Torque 2503MFRPH ½ Inch Drive Micrometer Adjustable Torque Wrench

It has got dual scale which can be used from both directions as it’s calibrated in dual direction. It has got a positive lock which has been achieved with a pull-down ring. It’s easy to set and fast to work with. Moreover, the marked scale is really easy for users to read. The quick release buttons present ion this wrench helps in providing nice socket retention, and the socket removal becomes easy too. The grip is really comfortable and does not slip. The torque range is from 30- 250-inch pounds. It weighs about 4.3 pounds and has got dimensions of 21.2 by 2.8 by 2.4 inches. It has got a limited period warranty so do not worry if there is any damage within that period. It has molded case provided for protection. It is easy to use for everyone. But, it has got a really high price so not everyone can afford it.


1. TEKTON Drive Click 24340 ½ Inch Torque Wrench

It has got a wide range from 25 to 250 ft-lbs thus making it suitable for usage in cars trucks and various other things. You can secure the parts according to precise specifications without damaging them from over tightening. It has got a calibration of plus minus 4%. It simple, reliable and extremely easy to use, it won’t let you down in case of a car breakdown. The click produces gives exact precision to prevent over-tightening of the part you were fastening. The scale is of high contrast, so it’s really simple to read it in dim lit areas. This design has got high mechanical strength as it’s made of a complete steel body to withstand high pressure and severe climatic conditions. As there are no plastic parts, you don’t have to worry about wear and tear due to usage. This product works smoothly and also very low priced. But, it has got no digital parts.


Thus these were some best torque wrench someone can purchase. All of them are long-lasting and ensures that the work is performed. Be safe while using these tool or you might purchase safety glasses. A good torque wrench lessens effort by manifold, so it is always wise to invest on one of these.



6 Types of Power Tools and Their Uses

best cordless impact wrench for automotive

If you do a search, you will find lots of different types of power tools are available out there, and all have different purpose of use. You can use these power tools for house projects, house repairing, small and big construction projects, and if you are knowledgeable enough to use aright power tool for the right job, you will find these very useful. But, which power tool is best for you? , If you have confusions about which power tool to use for your project, then this guide will be very helpful for you. Here, we will show you different types of power tools and their uses.

But, before we go for those different types of power tools, first let’s have a quick look at power tools.

What really power tools are?

Power tools are nothing but a device or machine which is powered by an external additional source than the human body. Most of these tools power sources come from the electric motor, gasoline, internal combustion engines, and sometimes from compressed air. One can use these power tools for different purposes like home uses, apartments, construction sites or garages, metalwork station, etc. Power tools are really beneficial when it comes to reducing the human efforts.

Different Types of Power Tools and Their Uses

So, here you will learn about different types of power tools and their different uses. There huge choices of power tools are available for purchase, and after reading this power tools types, you can choose the right power tools for your job.

Air Compressor

Air compressor works with a simple principle, it converts the power (stored as a pressurized air compressor) into energy. When you use the air compressor, it starts storing the compressed air as energy according to its capacity. However, the air compressor power and capacity of the tank will vary depending on the model you purchase. Also, air compressor comes with two options stationary, and portable. There are different types of air compressor models are out there, pick the right one that is best suitable for your project.

Uses: This type of power tools are very useful for Cleaning, spray painting, filling air tires and gas cylinders, power up pneumatics tools like ajack hammer, nail guns, and more likewise.


When you want to make your garden look amazingly beautiful and good-looking, you need a good trimmer on thejob. Trimmer uses flexible monofilament lines instead of a regular blade. This is very useful for cutting grass, cutting other objects near the plant and also capable of cur irregular terrain. The power generates from the gasoline engine, also now electric motors trimmers are also available on the market.

Uses: Mostly use for cutting grass, giving the plant a nice structure and look at cutting irregular terrain. Also, you can use it for different gardening cutting practice.

Table Saw

When you have needs of extreme cuts, crosscuts, or you want to saw any material, a table saw can be a very useful power tool for you. Table saw comes with a circular saw underneath a table with blades with allows you to slither smoothly almost everything. The main power of table saw is generated from electric motors. As it comes with the portable feature, it can be easily shifted to the job site for doing the cutting job.

Uses: it is useful for deeper cutting which can’t be handled with and saw or other power saws.


You will find this most useful power tool in almost in all everyone’s home.  Nowadays, there are many different types of drilling machines are available, which you can are made to accomplish different jobs. Whether you want to drill wall for putting your wall picture, or you want to hang something on the wall, the drill is a must needed power tool for all.

Uses: Having a Drill helps you various way for your projects, mostly drill use for putting up a painting on the wall, build furniture, woodworking, metalworking, construction use, or you want to use this for all small drilling work.

Nail Gun

Well, its name itself tells about its job. Most of the time when hand hammers are not enough to drive anail into wood or any other material; nail gun can do it efficiently with minimal effort. How does it work? thenail gun is powered by compressed air, or electricity, or flammable gas to run the machine. However, if you don’t know how to use it, most of the time manufacturer gives a guide along with the nail gun about how you can use it.

Uses: This power tool is more useful for those who need to nail different material for their project.  You can use this tool for carpentry, roofing, finishing, and other home-based work.

Rotary Tool

This tool comes with most usability for smaller home projects. They come up with a multi-tools package offering many useful tools in one package. Some brands offer 100+ useful accessories in one package. Basically, rotary tools are handheld power tools can spin at a high rate. Moreover, rotary tools are super compact in size and designed to be shifted easily.

Uses: As this is multipurpose tools, with rotary tools you can perform adifferent task like sanding, carving bevels, shining metal surface, buffing, polishing and more. As its multipurpose tool, there are endless attachments you can buy, and you will find this power tool very useful throughout your whole life.


if you are someone who does frequently household projects, or a hobbyist, you must have these power tools in your house to reduce your efforts. Different uses of these power tools will help you to accomplish your project easily and smartly. Hopefully, here you learned about different types of power tools and their use, now it’s your turn to pick the right one according to your requirements.  When you have the right tool in your hand to do your assignment, things will go quick. Also, tools like a rotary tool will help you lifelong with their versatile usability.


DEWALT Bare-Tool DW059B 1/2-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Impact Wrench Review


DEWALT Bare-Tool DW059B 1/2-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Impact Wrench belongs to the last generation of cordless air impact wrenches, which is perfect for heavy duties of contractors. Dewalt manufacturer is the world-know leader in producing cordless tools; they also produce by themselves the 18-Volt power batteries which may be attached to the wrench or in some cases you have to order it separately. The company’s history begins its long way from the early 1920-s. Starting from the 1990-s Dewalt starts producing the portable power tools and details for woodworkers, and contractors. The first Dewalt cordless wrenches appeared on the market in 1994. Since that time the company is constantly improving its quality and increasing the power of batteries. It is still producing quite a wide range of 18-Volt power batteries, but the new 20-Volt one is already available.

DEWALT Bare-Tool DW059B

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon

The DW059B 1/2-Inch model is known for its impressive speed of working, high quality and the length of the working process. This model is perfect for its ergonomics; it was created mostly for the purposes of maintaining heavy-duty tough works, connected mostly with fastening processes with sticky details. Dewalt Bare-Tool has one of the highest levels of turning force – the torque may go up to 3600 inch/pound. The whole mechanic tool sets was designed for heavy duties: it does not have a kick back, and may deliver 2600 BPM with 1650 RPM rotation. This will enable you to complete all the tasks quickly. It does not matter whether you want to fasten or loosen the bolt or to fix the screws. Comfortable handle and the rocker-type forward-reverse switcher will make your work more easily even in the end of the busy day.

DEWALT DW059B will point its power on the fasting process, and will make the difficult tough tasks executable.

The grip of this air impact wrench is extremely comfortable, the lightweight whole-metal tool is very well balanced, which can make confident in completing all the heavy tasks during the day. The mechanism of an impact was designed in the way to avoid kick-back, which is very important in case of implementing heavy duties. This air wrench has the magnesium case, and the gear which is totally metal, which in combination with low weight and the good balance makes this wrench last long. The weight of the tool is around 7.50 pounds, which is comparatively light weight for the heavy duties maintaining purposes; its size is 10.75 inches long.


  • 300 foot-pounds of max torque,1,650 rpm/2,600 bpm for rapid program speed
  • Preferred rocker button design for convenient and simple fastening
  • Convenience holder offers maximum level of comfort
  • Solid magnesium equipment case, all steel transmission, heavy-duty impacting mechanism directs torque to fastener with no kickback
  • Tool only (battery not included)

Our Reviews:

DEWALT Bare-Tool DW059B air wrench may be effectively applied in the wide range of construction works with walls and roofs, like fastening metal parts with wooden or metal parts with metal. It is also very good in maintaining the lighter duties and many more.

There is 3 year manufacturer’s warranty for this product and one year free-of-charge service providing. The price for DEWALT Bare-Tool DW059B 1/2-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Impact Wrench tool without the battery may vary from 240 to 270 USD and you may buy used battery for around 30-40 USD per one battery.

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon


Chicago Pneumatic CP734H Review


You know, at first I didn’t feel like writing this Chicago Pneumatic CP734H review as I wanted to talk about other topics such as the benefits of using air impact wrench over other types of impact wrenches, buying tips for folks who aren’t familiar with pneumatic tools, etc, etc…

But then I changed my mind after discovering the Chicago pneumatic Cp734h price at I saw that the price tag was less than $150!  What a bargain and that made me VERY ANGRY!

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon

I’m peeved because only a month ago, I bought this model from a local store for 180 bucks. My fault really…I was aware that the cp734h prices at local stores are typically expensive but problem was a month ago, Amazon didn’t have the CP734H in stock. I should’ve waited just a little bit longer….Darn it! Arghhh…

Alright, now I’ve gotten this rage of my chest, it’s time I focus on the fairly popular Chicago Pneumatic CP734H and review it accordingly.

Okay so, after using the CP734H for some time (I’ve used it many times at work, only recently purchased one to add to my personal toolbox), I can say for certain that this industrial level air impact wrench bridges the gap between being a tool for the professionals, and for the average home users.

No doubt, lots of mechanics and auto techs these days prefer to use other more advanced and way pricier air impact wrenches, especially those manufactured by Ingersoll-Rand. But make no mistake; the Chicago Pneumatic CP734H is still being used by many pros as well. Why?

Chicago Pneumatic CP734H Specs Are Awesome that’s why!

See product specs here)

This air tool has very, very decent power, which is pretty remarkable when taking into account the fact that it doesn’t require much air. Many highly advanced air impact wrenches on the market have crazy high air requirements, and that can be a problem for many average home users as they’ll have to shell out some big bucks for a powerful air compressor.

With the CP734H, you don’t have to buy a fancy schmancy, over $500 best air compressor for impact wrench. I hooked up this pneumatic tool to my 3 year old Senco PC1131 Compressor and it was all good. Here’s a photo of that compressor.

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon

Using this relatively inexpensive compressor, I was able to utilize the CP734H air impact wrench for breaking loose stiff suspension bolts, lug nuts, lag screws, and things like that. This well made impact wrench can help you unfasten and fasten stuff without much trouble.

Just don’t buy this and expect it to work on heavy farm equipment and the like! You’ll need a much more powerful air tool for that sort of job like the IR 261 3/4 air impact wrench for instance. However for most regular automotive/general repair tasks, the CP734H specs should be enough to keep going.

I think it’s very pleasing to find a relatively low-priced air powered impact wrench that’s capable of putting out a respectable maximum torque of 425 ft. /lbs with relatively low air requirement. Normally you’d have to pay quite a lot of money for this sort of wrench.

Another plus point I’d like to point out is the grip comfort. I find the rubber grip extremely comfortable unlike other cheap models. You know the below $50 type of pneumatic wrenches. They have rough grip and it’s such a chore to use them for an extended period time. Plus they do not last long anyway!

CP734H features a total of 4 power settings and goes full power in reverse. The dial for the settings is situated at the back of the tool and you can adjust on the fly. In terms of weight, I believe the Chicago Pneumatic CP734H at 5.8 Pounds, is a tad bit on the heavy side.

It’s not heavy to the point that it’s too taxing on the hand because the tool has pretty good balance. But it’s still heavier than other advanced air impact wrenches like say, Ingersoll-Rand’s 2135TiMAX model.

Conclusion to Chicago Pneumatic CP734H Review

All in all, the CP734H is a very decent pneumatic tool. I like it a lot. I’m just a little furious that I didn’t nab one from Amazon as the CP734H price on that website is much cheaper compared to the retail store near my place. And let’s not forget the free shipping as well. What a bummer.

The most significant complaint I have with this tool is that it doesn’t come with the fairly essential protective rubber cover. So I had to purchase it separately. See a picture of the protective cover here.

Chicago Pneumatic CA129405 Protective Cover for CP734H

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Air Impact Wrench VS Electric Impact Wrench

Novices who are planning on buying an impact wrench would often ponder the question, “Air impact wrench vs electric impact wrench? Which one is better than the other?

Quick Look : Top Rated Electric and Pneumatic Impact Wrenches

So what is the answer to this question?

Well, from the standpoint of power output, air powered wrenches is generally far superior to their electric powered counterparts. But if you’re using a really cheap air wrench, you know the less than $50 kind, well that’s a different matter because those cheap low-quality ones offer mediocre torque strength.

Basically, in terms of power to weight ratio, I’ll say that air impact wrenches are the victors in this department. Now, let’s talk about reliability. In the reliability department, the award once again goes to the air powered wrench. I think the pneumatic ones are more reliable because if you have a decent quality air compressor for impact wrench, you can keep working on your vehicles projects with minimal disruption.

I’m not saying that electric impact wrenches are unreliable; it’s just that from my experience, they tend to get burned rather easily. Besides, you can use the air compressor for other air tools such as ratchets, sanders, die grinders, blow guns, paint guns, brad guns, nail guns, air saws, and many, many more.

What about the setup department? Which one is easier to setup? Okay, when it comes to the subject of air impact wrench vs. electric impact wrench, the setup is a big concern for many people. Of course most folks would prefer something that’s easy to setup and doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Hence, in this aspect, the electric impact wrench trumps the air powered wrench. The latter requires quite a bit of money to setup. First, you have to get yourself a good air impact wrench, and expect to spend more than $100 for a decent one. See air impact wrench reviews for some top rated recommendations.

Second, you have to spring some more cash for a decent air compressor. The more powerful the impact wrench, the higher the air requirements, therefore the more money you have to spend on an air compressor powerful enough to support the wrench.

If you’re on a tight budget and you need a solid 1/2 air impact wrench, then I suggest the following compressor + pneumatic wrench combo:

Chicago Pneumatic CP734H Air Impact Wrench


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It has enough power to help you complete many general automotive repair jobs. Not enough juice to be used for heavy equipment stuff however (see Chicago Pneumatic CP734H review)!

As for the compressor…

Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor


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There you go. The above setup is solid and doesn’t exactly break the bank, relatively speaking. Trust me, there are waaaay pricier setups. The aforementioned combo is ideal for the average home user and with the proper maintenance, has many years of lasting durability and satisfaction.

Still, it can’t be denied that the cost of the setup might be a hindrance to a lot of folks. Electric impact wrench is of course easier and cheaper to get going because you don’t have to fork out the money for a compressor, hose, and things like that.

So that’s pretty much it. Each tool has its pros, cons and each has its place. I have both types of wrenches and personally, I prefer the pneumatic wrenches because they possess so much power which makes my job easier and they’re also a lot of fun to use!

Air Impact Wrench vs Electric Impact Wrench Battle Recap…

Power: Air impact wrench wins!

Reliability: The triumph belongs to air impact wrench!

Flexibility: The award goes to the air powered impact wrench, yet again! However the true victor is actually the air compressor because it allows you access to other pneumatic tools like nail guns, air ratchets, etc.

Ease of Setup: This time the electric impact wrench emerges triumphant!

Cost of Setup: Electric impact wrench is the champ!

Fun Factor: The air impact wrench claims victory for the fourth time!

Overall Champion:

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The air impact wrench is the overall champion by claiming victory against the electric impact wrench by a close score-line of 4-2! 


Best Air Compressors for Impact Wrenches

I want to talk to you about finding the best air compressor for impact wrench which can be a little tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. See, I know a guy who purchased a powerful Ingersoll-Rand (IR) air impact wrench but he didn’t have the right air compressor to make the tool work in an optimal fashion.

Take the IR 2135TiMAX for instance. By the way, here’s an image of the tool…

Best Air Compressor for Impact Wrench

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Now, this is an excellent 1/2-inch air powered impact wrench. It’s very solid and no doubt, it’s got some serious power. However, without the right impact wrench air compressor (adequate CFM/PSI output), you’ll never get the IR 2135TiMAX to run at a 100%. Essentially, what I’m trying to say is this: Before you go out there and buy an air compressor for your impact wrench, first check the tool’s requirements.

So let’s say you have an IR 2135TiMAX, if you want it to run at an optimal level, what you should do is get an air compressor that pulls around 5 -6 CFM @90 PSI. Anything less than that is not gonna cut it. Okay now that I’ve done blabbing about the basic stuff, it’s time for me to show you some air compressors that are ideal for powering air hungry impact wrenches.

Decent Quality Air Compressor for Impact Wrench under $400

DEWALT D55167 1.6 HP 200 PSI Oil Free High Pressure Low Noise Horizontal Portable Compressor Review

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Air impact wrenches are what many people would call “air hungry” tools. Therefore, you can’t use one of those general-purpose, low cost air compressors to make the tool run smoothly. Problem is compressors that could satisfy air hungry impact wrenches are very expensive.

Fortunately, the DEWALT D55167 you see in the picture above hits the sweet spot between being affordable enough, and having the capability to supply enough juice to a high performance impact wrench. The DEWALT flows 4.8 CFM @ 90 PSI.

So this means that the DEWALT D55167 portable air compressor has no problems running 1/2-inch air impact wrenches. I’ve hooked this up to an Ingersoll-Rand 2130 1/2-inch wrench and had no problems whatsoever.

Heck, I even tried the compressor with the IR 2135TiMAX and the outcome was decent too (even though the IR 2135TiMAX works best at 5 CFM minimum). This baby has more than enough juice to allow a 1/2 air impact wrench to break loose more than a dozen lug nuts on just one air cycle.

Keep in mind that the specs is ideal for 1/2 wrench. You can try it with a 3/ 4 – inch impact wrench but only in an intermittent manner. I think if you planning on using air tools in an aggressive manner including heavy usage of 3/4 wrench, then you’d be better off buying a much more powerful air compressor like the 60-gallon Campbell Hausfeld VT6275 pictured here…

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Anyway, yeah the DEWALT D55167 is sufficient for running 1/2 wrenches. The recovery time is pretty fast and you can even use an extension cord to keep it running. Of course the standout feature of the DEWALT D55167 air compressor is the size which is pretty compact. The wheels as well as the solid handle make it easy to lug this 90 lbs air compressor around.

The tank is solidly built with gauges that are very easy to read. It also comes with a decent air regulator for maximizing air tool run time. Another positive aspect of this compressor is that it runs in a relatively quiet manner. I’ve used compressors that are identical in size to the DEWALT D55167 and they were very noisy!

Alright, let me put a link right down here so you can gain more info on this compressor. It can be shipped to your home for free so check it out below.

Click Here for DEWALT D55167 1.6 HP 200 PSI Oil Free High Pressure Low Noise Horizontal Portable Compressor

The Best Air Compressor for Impact Wrenches above $500

Campbell Hausfeld VT6275 15 Amp 3.2-Horsepower 60-Gallon Oiled Vertical Compressor Review

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The Campbell Hausfeld (CH) VT6275 you see in the photo above has got to be THE best air compressor for impact wrenches currently being sold on the market. If you have a lot of automotive projects to work on, perhaps you require a compressor to power up various air tools like heavy-duty air sanders, ratchets, pneumatic drills, and of course air impact wrenches, then this highly durable vertical compressor will provide the best bang for your buck.

Sure, the price is pretty steep, but this is something that would probably last for a VERY LONG while if it’s appropriately taken care of. Really, I can’t see it go bust even after 5 years of usage, unless you damage it deliberately or do not maintain it at all.

See, this behemoth is capable of putting out 11.8/10.3 CFM at 10/90 PSI, thus you’d have no issues powering the mighty Ingersoll-Rand 261 3/4-Inch air impact wrench. The IR 261’s average air consumption is 9.5 CFM by the way. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a 1/2 inch impact wrench, 3/8, or a 3/4. The Campbell Hausfeld VT6275 can handle them all.

Now, because of its size, I know a lot of people might deduce that the CH VT6275 would run very loudly. Well, guess what? It’s TOTALLY silent…Just kidding of course! Truth of the matter is at 240+ lbs, the CH VT6275 may be a colossal compressor, but it’s pretty quiet running. It makes some noise of course yet not enough to annoy the heck out of you. Really can’t believe an air compressor this large can be relatively quiet.

The Campbell Hausfeld VT6275 air compressor has minimal drawbacks and I would say the most obvious one is the installation procedure which can be quite tricky. If you check out the product details page here, one user indicated that Campbell Hausfeld has actually uploaded a helpful video on how install the unit and I definitely agree. The how-to video is extremely helpful.

In fact, the video is much more precise and easy-to-follow compared to the instruction manual that came with the unit. I suggest you check out the product details page and read reviews left by other users as well, so you’d get a decent idea on the quality of CH VT6275 air compressor. Just use the link on display below.

Click Here for Campbell Hausfeld VT6275 15 Amp 3.2-Horsepower 60-Gallon Oiled Vertical Compressor

More Air Compressor Impact Wrench Choices…

Here’s a few more top quality impact wrench air compressor that you might want take a gander at…


Best Cordless Impact Wrenches For Automotive Use

If you are using conventional electric drill and are not satisfied with its functionality, then it is the best time to look for a best cordless impact wrench for automotive.

  • These cordless wrenches are packed with tons of punches in small size and are perfect for fastening screws and bolts tightly.
  • They are known to deliver lots and lots of power and torque.
  • Most people have a misconception that these cordless impact wrenches could weigh a lot due to the presence of battery inside.
  • This is really a misconception as the traditional heavy weight batteries are replaced with light weight lithium batteries which are ideal for carrying around wherever you go.

Today, the market is flooded with both good and bad impact wrenches. So, it is extremely important to differential good ones from the bad ones. You have to go through lots of reviews to make a well informed decision so that you will not regret in the future. When it comes to buying cordless impact wrenches for automotive, make sure that they come with reliable battery that can be used continuously for prolonged hours. It should also be efficient enough to loosen and tighten bolts and screws in the vehicle without much effort.

Comparison Chart Of Best Selling Cordless Impact Wrench For Automotive

  • Weight : 6.8 pounds
  • Voltage : 20 volts
  • Dimensions :17.1 x 5.9 x 9.8 inches
  • Power Source : battery-powered
  • TRADESPRO 837886
  • Weight : 5 pounds
  • Voltage : 14 volts
  • Dimensions : 12 x 13 x 5.4 inches
  • Power Source : Battery-Powered
  • Weight : 5.3 pounds
  • Voltage : 18 volts
  • Dimensions : 8.6 x 4.1 x 12.6 inches
  • Power Source : battery-powered

Top 3 Automotive Cordless Impact Wrench Reviews


DEWALT DCF889M2 20-volt MAX Lithium Ion 1/2-Inch High Torque Impact Wrench with Detent Pin

The Dewalt Lithium ion ½ inch impact wrench is featured with 300 ft-lbs of high torque to handle a varying number of heavy-duty fastening applications. best cordless impact wrench for automotive The lithium ion batteries with fuel gauge offers 33% more potential over the other standard packs. This unit from Dewalt has a variable speed trigger featuring electric brake that offers user improved control.

In additional, the LED light offers user with greater visibility while working in a dark environments. It is improved with durable magnesium gear case as well as an all metal transmission for long-lasting durability. The applications for which this unit is intended include driving as well as removing fasteners in wood, concrete or metal along with removing and fastening bolts and nuts.

This high torque impact wrench featured with detent pin is designed for plumbers, mechanical contractors, maintenance and repair professionals, automotive mechanics, remodelers etc. who need a tool for carrying out fastening applications, like removing and driving bolts and nuts or fasteners in wood, concrete and metal.


  • Being powerful with 400 ft. lbs of torque, this best electric impact wrench for automotive also features variable speed trigger containing an electric brake for improved control and renders 2300 IPM and 1500 RPM.
  • Easy to control and comfortable to use with its ergonomic handle, this automotive impact wrench is also reliable and strong for long-lasting use on the working site or even for do-it-yourself projects in your home.
  • The impact wrenches that are of ½ square drive enables for highly efficient torque delivery as well as exceptional socket retention and also intelligent trigger allowing for complete control over all kinds of applications.
  • The improved ergonomic design, aluminum front and rubber grip improve comfort, whereas the all metal geared transmission provides long tool life and power efficiency.
  • The recessed push button design facilitates for ease of use and durability.
  • On pushing this button, you can able to monitor the amount of charge being left in the battery after and before an application.

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Tradespro 837886 14.4V 3/8″ Drive Cordless Impact Wrench Kit

If you are looking for the wrench to be used at home for emergencies, then it is extremely beneficial to invest on high quality cordless impact wrench kits such as Tradespro impact wrench for automotive This is really the best kit to be used on the go or at home whenever you want to change the car tires.

This cordless impact wrench kit is extremely handle and is a portable alternative that can be used instead of powered impact guns. The manufacturer has designed this wrench ensuring dependable quality to meet higher standards.

Tradespro 837886 comes with 100 ft lb of torque to loosen the stubborn bolts and buts. The job is made easier simply by pulling bolts and nuts faster than the traditional wrenches. This is convenient for those people who get trapped in emergent situation.This wrench is designed in such a way that it helps you to save a lot of effort and time in terms of loosening and tightening bolts and nuts on the tires.


  • This saved time can be used for performing other useful tasks.
  • When it comes to battery, Tradespro 837886 comes with a dependable and long lasting battery.
  • You can charge it up and carry along with you to use it when needed.
  • With its high end specifications and features, Tradespro obtained good rating and gained good reputation from its users.
  • Most of the customers are satisfied with the power and convenience offered by this cordless impact wrench kit.
  • When you purchase and start using this tool, you will definitely feel satisfied with its functionality and working.
  • It lets you to loosen the bolts and nuts without putting forth too much of effort.
  • The prolonged battery life of this impact wrench tool is extremely good and is powerful enough to tighten or loosen the stubborn bolts and nuts.
  • These impact wrench kits are affordably priced which is worth their stunning features.

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DEWALT Bare-Tool DW059B 1/2-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Impact Wrench

This cordless impact wrench from Dewalt is known for handling a huge variety of heavy-duty fastening and removing applications easily and quickly. automotive cordless impact wrench reviews Dewalt’s heavy-duty impact mechanism directs 300 ft-lbs of maximum torque to the driver without kickback.

This high-end cordless impact wrench is able to carry out a wide variety of fastening applications, like and wall and roof applications, metal to wood applications, metal to metal applications, light-duty fastening purposes and more.

The anti-slip, textured grip of this unit reduces discomfort and user fatigue. The durable feature of this impact wrench tool can be further ensured by all-metal transmission and magnesium gear case.

Providing durability and first-rate performance with extraordinary ergonomics, this versatile ½ inch and 18 volt cordless impact wrench enables to perform quick job of tough fastening and sticky fasteners applications. The ½ inch drive cordless impact wrench offer both concussive blows and rotation directly to the fastener for a striking 3, 600 inch pounds of most turning force.


  • This Dewalt cordless impact wrench can be able to deliver a maximum of 300 foot-pounds of torque, thus making it a great option for heavy-duty fastening requirements.
  • Whether you secure lag screws or making use of the impact wrench for loosening sticky bolts and nuts.
  • You will feel amazed with the consistent and versatile performance of the unit.
  • With the capacity to offer 2,600 BPM and 1,650 RPM, this impact wrench will allow you complete difficult tasks quickly.
  • A highly convenient rocker-switch makes it easier to switch between reverse and forward modes.
  • Featuring all-metal gear case and comfort grip that is well balanced, lightweight and durable.
  • This best impact wrench for automotive work is simple to control.
  • Additionally, the heavy-duty impact system of the wrench directs the torque to fastener without developing kickback.

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There is a misconception about impact wrenches that they lack power. It might be true with those cordless tools that were introduced earlier but the ones which are available currently deliver more power compared to corded tool and pneumatic wrenches. In order to get the best out of cordless impact wrench for automotive use, you have to give consideration to its manufacturer guarantee apart from its price.

Only the manufacturers who have confidence on their product give long term guarantee to assure the quality of their making. You must also give consideration to the features and what they are intended for at the time of purchase. By doing so, you can enjoy several years of reliable service. If you end up purchasing a low quality one, it could become a great burden to deal with unfit equipment.


Powerful Electric Impact Wrenches -79% Engineers do this

Still wondering, what is a electric impact wrench?

An electric impact wrench is regarded as an essential tool for all sorts of mechanical works, today we would be having a deep look at the best electric impact wrench in the 2018 market. If you are a kind of person who would like to handle a small household works by yourself, then you should own this tool, we will be sharing with you the best reviews here. Traditionally powered with compressed air, the  wrenches have now entered the reliable electric era.

4 Best Corded Electric Impact Wrenches The Pros Use

Weight : 8.2 pounds Weight : 10.7 pounds Weight : 8 pounds Weight : 7.8 pounds
Voltage : 120 volts Voltage : 120 volts Voltage : 120 volts Voltage : 120 volts
Dimensions :10.9 x 13.1 x 4.9 inches Dimensions :5.1 x 10.4 x 14.2 inches Dimensions : 11.4 x 3.1 x 8.5 inches Dimensions : 12.9 x 4.4 x 11.1 inches
Power Source : corded-electric Power Source : corded-electric Power Source : AC Power Source : AC
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price


Electric impact wrenches are featured with extraordinary abilities to serve a range of purposes including complex impact drilling tasks. The electric wrenches are capable of handling roughly hundred pound feet of torque needed to remove a lug bolt. The needed power for the working of this tool wrench is provided by electricity. For accomplishing both moderate types of tasks and heavy-duty tasks, you can prefer this kind of electric  torque wrench. Coming out in various specifications, these electric wrenches can be personalized to meet the varying needs of the clients.


DEWALT DW292 7.5-Amp -Half Inch with Detent Pin Anvil

If you are looking for a high end, heavy duty impact wrench electric with huge torque, RPM and variety of features, then don’t hesitate to try DEWALT DW292 wrench. best electric impact wrench Featuring a ball bearing construction, soft grip, die cast aluminum, gear housing, AC/DC forward reverse rocker switch and detent pin anvil that ensures hassle free usage of the device.

This impact electric tool is designed for easy loosening and quick driving of stubborn bolts and other hardware. With stunning features such as user friendly design and powerful motor, DEWALT DW292 is a valuable addition to your tool kit. This tools kit is designed to meet all your expectations in a stunning way.

Dewalt has the zero load speed of 2100 rpm delivering 2700ipm, which in combination facilitates quick loosening and efficient fastening of tight fasteners.


  • It features 7 ½ amp motor that delivers around 345 foot pounds of Torque.
  • This tool includes a ½ inch detent pin which connects heavy duty metal front end to ensure professional dependable performance whilst ensuring overall durability.
  • DEWALT DW292 includes soft grip, ergonomic handle in the strategic position to ensure superior balance.
  • Weighing around 7 pounds and measuring 11-1/4 inches long. This DEWALT DW292 impact  includes a lightweight and comfortable design aimed at reducing user fatigue, especially while dealing with tedious tasks.
  • Though this solid product is integrated with high end features, they are affordably priced and are suitable for your budget.

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Kawasaki 841426 1/2-Inch Impact 7.5-Amp 

electric impact wrench reviewsIf you want the power of air impact wrench, but do not have handy air compressor, this Kawasaki ½ inch impact 7.5 amp wrenches would be of a great option. It is equipped with the required guts, capable of loosening the most stubborn, fused-on and rusted bolts and nuts.

This can be achieved by 2700 impact per minute and 220 ft-lbs of high torque wrench would do. The all-metal gear box makes sure that it can be used for years of extreme-duty use, whereas the reverse/forward rocker switch makes fast work of changing direction. This product comes featured with four SAE impact sockets that could easily fit metric lugs as well.


  • The finished touch of this heavy duty electric wrench is a strong carry case for caging the beast between the unleashing.
  • The power wrench tools of Kawasaki are designed and constructed to meet the demands of the home owners and also the sincere do-it-yourselfers.
  • The products that come attached include cordless and corded power tools, air tools, power tool accessories, automotive accessories and many others.
  • As a whole, the tools and equipment of Kawasaki are best acknowledged for exhilaration, performance and power.
  • This tool is made complying with the greatest quality standards.
  • It works with the maximum torque of 220 feet/ pound.
  • It also comes featured with metal gear box for utmost durability and some accessories including ½ inch four piece Dr sockets, ¾ inch, 11/16 inch, 7/8 inch, 13/16 inch.

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Kawasaki 841337 1/2-Inch Impact 12-Volt Wrench Kit

Kawasaki is highly recognized for its sports bikes but recently has emerged into manufacturing high end impact electric impact wrenches Kawasaki 841337 is a 12 Volt DC electric corded impact wrench with a sleek body design and myriad of stunning features. It is really a best bet for both amateurs and professionals as Kawasaki 841337 can deliver around 190 foot pounds of torque that gets you the most tire changes and rotations.

The fastening speed of this item is extraordinary, which means that it has the RPM of ranging from 2000 to 5000. So, whether you need impact wrenches for low torque screwing job or for complicated tasks, these electric tools will be the quickest tools available in its category. It weighs very low, which makes this tool an optimal choice for carrying out roadside tasks.


  • Kawasaki 841337 has received good reputation from the professionals who require high end electric powered corded wrench kits and electric power tools to perform their every task.
  • Though there are several tools available in the market, Kawasaki 841337 is a distinct one as it works using the power of your vehicle.
  • The combination of green and black color body adds unique touch to your bigger collection of kits.
  • The cost of this strongest model is extremely low and it still manages to complete with bigger names of the industry, especially in terms of power and torque produced.
  • Kawasaki 841337 product is an optimal choice for household use and to carry out some sophisticated tasks.

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HAMMERHEAD_HDIW075_7.5 AMP 1/2-inch Best Electric Impact

The Hammerhead wrench is featured with a powerful 7.5 amp motor delivering 240 ft lbs of torque for use with heavy-duty applications. best electric impact wrench for automotive The reverse/forward rocker switch along with non-slip grip offer better control and additional comfort.

This also features metal gearbox that houses enhanced durability and offers no-load speed of 2,700 BPM and 2,200 RPM. Amidst the commendable tools out there in the market, this electric wrench is highly recognized for easy operation. The steel entrance featured in this tool not only complements its weight, but also contributes to best quality feel of the equipment.

Known for performing difficult jobs, offerings of 2700 BPM and 22000 RPM, apart from 240 ft-lbs of torque shows how heavy duty work can be best done with this tool.


  • The feature of ½ inches square drive fiction ring is intended to tighten the retention capacity of the electric socket wrench.
  • In addition, a tight grip and the reverse/forward switch deliver additional control and comfort to users.
  • When you use this powerful beast, you will experience a reduced sound to a bare minimum, comparable to that of air compressed ones.
  • The availability of DC/AC rocking switch makes sure that switching over from front to back and vice versa from trigger point not much difficult to achieve.
  • Ideal for use in homes, these wrenches will work where there is electric power.
  • These tools also render prolonged use, due to their extended warranty period.

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PORTER-CABLE PCE210 with Hog Ring Anvil, 1/2-Inch

If you are looking forward for the most efficient yet affordable wrench, then you can go with Porter Cable PCE 210 which was launched recently with 7.5 amp motor and ½ inch chuck securing the attachments with Hog Ring Anvil. This latest product comes with 2200 RPM delivering 240 foot pounds of torque and 2700 IPM per minute.

Just imagine how stunning the performance of this wrench will be. It also uses metal gear which eliminates the heat produced during the operation of this tool. Though they are not produced to complete with high end impact wrench models, Portable Cable PCE 210 is designed to meet the basic expectations of the users.

If you are in need of high end that can deliver performance and comfortable usability, then you are sure to get benefited out of this tool at your desired price. Below are more points in  porter cable impact wrench review.


  • Within a short time after its launch, the product has gained good reputation among its users.
  • While there are most expensive models with higher spec and lower priced models with basic specs available in the market.
  • PCE210 stays in between these two categories offering reliable performance at affordable prices.
  • They are crafted using high end material to ensure longevity of the item.
  • So, you need not replace it very often as you may face is lower models with lower specifications.
  • You will understand more about its features and specifications by reviews made by experts and users.

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Final Words

After having gone through the various models of electric impact wrenches, you would have got a clear insight about electric impacts that could help you make the best choice if you are buying one. Extensively utilized for maintenance and repair applications, these are widely intended for use in electrical industries. These electric tools come featured with some common qualities, which include highest and most powerful electric torque, innovative design and soft grip handle.

This work at the torque that ranges from 190 to 350 ftlbs. They serve the best purpose while they have the greatest range of torque speed producing capacity. When the speed of the torque reduced, the performance of wrench will be decreased. Hence, you must check the speed of torque of available best electric impact wrench before choosing the one that is engineered to meet your intended purposes in a possible way.


Best Air Impact Wrench Reviews 2017

Looking for the Best Air Impact Wrench ever?

  • The impact wrench is regarded as the essence of fastening power.
  • While most of the households have electric powered impact wrench tool to carry out certain tasks
  • Air driven impact wrenches have also become more popular among the professionals and amateurs due to their functionality and stunning features.
  • Air impact wrenches are known to offer the greatest power but they are expensive and consume lots of space.

These impact wrenches are authentic mechanic power tool and provide ample power to bust loose nuts and bolts. The best thing about these air powered impact wrench is that they do not produce any sparks from the motor and so, they are safer when compared to other counterparts. They are more powerful and squeeze more power than the electric motor. To use this wrench, look for an air compressor with 10 gallon tank and 2.5 hp motor to get maximum output of it.


  • Weight : 3.95-pounds
  • Voltage : 0 volts
  • Dimensions :3 x 9 x 8 inches
  • Power Source : air-powered
  • Weight : 6.5 pounds
  • Voltage : 0 volts
  • Dimensions :3.4 x 8.2 x 8.8 inches
  • Power Source : air-powered
  • AIRCAT 1000-TH
  • Weight : 4.8 pounds
  • Voltage : 0 volts
  • Dimensions :8.7 x 9.2 x 3.1 inches
  • Power Source : air-powered
  • NITROCAT 1200-K
  • Weight : 5 pounds
  • Voltage : 0 volts
  • Dimensions : 9.2 x 8.5 x 3 inches
  • Power Source : air-powered
  • Weight : 11.6 pounds
  • Voltage : 0 volts
  • Dimensions : 11.4 x 10 x 4.2 inches
  • Power Source : air-powered

Best 5 Air Impact Wrench Reviews


Ingersoll-Rand 2135TiMAX 1/2-Inch Air Impact Wrench

Known for offering reliability, power and maximum control for carrying out a variety of vehicle maintenance works, the Ingersoll Rand air impact wrench sets itself a new range for air impact wrench This air impact tools are engineered to last, featuring improved controls for utmost convenience and comfort, while performing all-day works.

Perfect to carry out any work in the service bay, the Ingersoll rand air wrench with improved performance renders incredible control and power, along with excellent reliability that comes up out of a century of proven innovation and engineering.

Though it just weighs 4 pounds, this best air impact wrench offers maximum reverse torque, the high-end power-to-weight ratio of its class. In order to make sure that you take complete benefit of that power, this air impact tool is featured with patented 4-position power regulator dial, patented single-handed push button reverse/forward control and feature-touch trigger.


  • With this tool, users can enjoy excellent control and incredible power without any sort of noise, which is due to the feature of patented quiet tool system.
  • This design greatly reduces the sound levels caused due to air pulsating via impact motor; however it does not conciliate torque levels.
  • This high torque air impact wrench is made to last, featuring lightweight titanium hammer case for sturdiness.
  • An end plate that is anodized with hard coat standing up to the difficult jobs and enhanced grease fitting for simple maintenance features.
  • In addition, the mechanism of twin hammer uses proprietary advanced metallurgy for allowing resistance to daily wear and tear, while a well-organized air-flow assures maximum performance.
  • This is one of the best 1/2 inch air impact wrench which has easily available in the market at affordable rates.

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon

Ingersoll-Rand 231C 1/2-Inch Super-Duty Air Impact Wrench

Ingersoll-Rand 231C air impact wrench is known to deliver maximum power which is more than enough for handling tough tasks. cheap air impact wrench This is a must have tool for professional mechanics and vehicle hobbyists. If you are passionate about repairing vehicles but don’t have this tool with you, then you are going to miss some good experience in repairing the bikes and cars.

Ingersoll-Rand 231C is created based on pressure feed lubrication which means that the mechanics and DIY repairing enthusiasts can be assured of ease of use. This heavy duty air impact wrench has the ability of removing stubborn bolts and lug nuts without any hassle.

It comes with adjustable power regulator that lets you to direct variable power in a specific direction and the entire power in other direction. So, you have the freedom to regulate the power independently. Impact wrenches need lubrication for working properly.


  • Some power tools prevent you from achieving proper lubrication but you will not face such problems in case of Ingersoll-Rand 231C.
  • It is crafted with 2 piece construction which lets you to apply lubrication easily and quickly.
  • The exclusive mechanism used in Ingersoll-Rand 231C makes it an ideal for professional mechanics.
  • In fact, this additional feature makes this tool a desirable one among the amateurs and professionals.
  • Due to its stunning features and attractive specifications, this impact wrench has gained overwhelming positive reviews from the users.
  • So, you can purchase this tool with confidence as it lasts for several years and helps you with basic maintenance of your vehicle.

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AIRCAT 1000-TH 1/2-Inch Composite Air Impact Wrench with Twin Hammer Mechanism

The AIRCAT equipment line has a substantially lesser amount of noise, while sustaining more torque and power. professional air impact wrench The husky air impact wrench from aircat have been tested and proved to operate at about 82 to 88 dBa, much under the OSHA guidelines. This feature is beneficial for not just the mechanic, but the complete business.

The patented tuned muffler technology, in every tool, enables discharged air to be passed without increasing back pressure, hence retaining high power, while essentially reducing noise. AIRCAT tools have creative exhaust design that integrates its revolutionary global patented internal filter/muffler.


  • Some of the benefits of this tool include decreased hazards from inhaling exhausted air substances, the eradication of blow-by into workers lungs and eyes and also the reduced noise.
  • AIRCAT also features a patented ergonomically designed handle make to relieve fatigue and stress on the hands, wrists and arms of the operators.
  • The patended AIRCAR handle provides better distribution of weight for balanced tool and offers a ideal grip that makes it simple to use for extended duration of time.
  • AIRCAT delivers a complete line of pneumatic components, including air ratchets, impact wrenches, die grinders, cut-off tools and reversible drills.
  • This AICAT air impact wrench supports both twin clutch and twin hammer mechanisms.
  • This tool is a sturdiest ½ inch air impact wrench of its class with limited edition camouflage composite built.

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NitroCat 1200-K 1/2-Inch Kevlar Composite Air Impact Wrench With Twin Clutch Mechanism

NitroCat 1200-K is regarded as the most influential ½ inch air impact wrenches available today. best air impact wrench for the money To ensure greater durability, the manufacturer has composed this impact wrench from Kevlar material that is frequently used for making bullet proof vests. NitroCat 1200-K comes with ergonomically designed handle to reduce fatigue and ensure greater comfort while handling daunting tasks.

It is also designed with patented quiet technology to reduce noise to just 86 decibels. In order to let the users to manage with any task, NitroCat 1200-K is provided with twin clutch mechanism. You can take advantage of patented through the handle exhaust feature to keep the operator face unit away from debris and dust.


  • All these features make this impact wrench a hard hitting tool that outperforms any daunting task.
  • It is one of the most powerful air impact wrench which performs the complicated task much easier and faster.
  • The patented muffler technology allows the discharged air to get through the tool without creating any back pressure.
  • This results in power retention and significant noise reduction.
  • The manufacturer has incorporated revolutionary, patented internal filter which reduces the hazards from being absorbed.
  • This results in the elimination of debris and dust blown into the user’s eyes and lungs whilst reducing noise at the time of operation.
  • The ergonomically designed handle offers more comforts to your hand and so, you can hold the tool for longer time.

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Chicago Pneumatic CP7763 3/4-Inch Super Duty Air Impact Wrench

This is a super duty high performing and high power air impact wrench. air impact wrench reviews The power of this tool is conservatively rated at around 1200 feet/lbs, however constantly delivers more than any other competitor.

The twin hammer clutch mechanism is featured for utmost durability. Ergonomic handle and handle exhaust are the highlighting features of this tool. The directional control and three position power regulator offers single level for enabling all controls with 3 positions in full power reverse and forward.

Developed to last in the highly demanding setting, this is the tool of choice for truck maintenance, high volume truck spring and heavy equipment shops. This Chicago pneumatic air impact wrench is also known for offering smoothest operation ¾ inches impact with unmatched durability.


  • There is a single hand push button reverse/forward power control and 4 positive power settings in frontward and ultimate power in backward.
  • Handle exhaust with air inlet of 360 degree swivel is featured to prevent the hose links.
  • This tool also features new conveniently contoured handle grip.
  • This tool is ideal for bus and truck maintenance, spring work, construction equipment and farm machinery.
  • For all sorts of general maintenance applications, this Chicago pneumatic air impact wrench is perfect as it is equipped with durable clutch and powerful motor.
  • The operator comfort will remain high with this good air impact wrench due to ergonomic design.
  • The extended anvil for the purpose of tyre work is also featured in this device.

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Air Impact Wrench – recommendations for potential Consumers

Air Impact Wrench which is also called high torque or high rattle gun, is usually a power tool which is functioning by means of compressed air. Some other ways of getting power by impact wrench may be hydraulic or electric power. The last models of air impact wrenches don’t require the cords. Air impact wrenches are more easy to use comparing to the manual power old models; they will save you lots of time and energy. Electric and hydraulic power supply wrenches are still in use but they are slowly replaced by the electric cordless machines.

Impact wrenches are mainly used in automotive manufacturing, car repair, in heavy equipment maintenance, you may also use them for tires’ bolts fixing. Both the professional mechanics and the home-owners need the good impact wrench for either professional or domestic purposes of use.

When choosing the best impact wrench for your own needs, you have to make sure which size of the wrench you may need. There is also big variety of different impact wrench manufacturers. The most popular brands of air wrenches include such producers as Ingersoll, Bosch, Hitachi, Kawasaki, Dewalt, Rand, Ryobi, Skil, Makita and quite many others.

The most commonly used sizes of impact wrenches are 1/2 inch, 3/8 inch, 1/4 inch or 1”. The high end models are the models for ¾ inch or 1” sockets and their price is comparatively high. Such wrench may cost you up to 400 USD. You may also choose among the less expensive models for the smaller size sockets like for example a very popular model Ingersoll Rand 231C 1/2-Inch which will cost you around 100 USD. Among the other top sold models is Hitachi WR18DL cordless last generation impact wrench. Its source of energy is the 18 volt battery.


How To Choose the Right Air Impact Wrench

When choosing the appropriate air wrench you should also try to find out how portable the model has to be and how strong the torque power is. For example the Hitachi model may have up to 1900 inch/lbs and it has the half square drive. Such portable models with the good level of torque power will cost you around 230-250 USD. You should definitely pay attention to such factors as length of work of the wrench and try to find out which ones are the most powerful ones.

Probably one the best and the latest models of impact wrench is the Ingersoll ultra-modern model which is very portable and easy to use power tool, and also extremely powerful and speedy one is the Ingersol Super Duty. Size of the socket is ½ inch. You may find it in the web for around 500 USD discount price. But in spite of the high price the model Rand 231C by Ingersol is very popular both among the private users, weekenders and the professional mechanics. This model is supplied with power regulator which may be adjusted in 3 different positions; it also has a high-efficient, 6-vane motor.

Among the best models of impact wrenches with electrical supply of power is for sure the Milwaukee model of the 9072 product line. It is supplied with the speed dialing option. It has a very light weight — only 6 pounds and ½ inch size. You may find it in the shops for only 180 USD. Among the latest models, which have the ultra modern Lithium-Ion Battery, 18-volt power, is the latest Hitachi creation — model number WR18DL.

This wrench is light, portable and absolutely fantastic in maneuvers. It gives the fantastic torque — something around 1950 in/lb. Its square drive has of ½ inch size. This model of impact wrench is very good for auto-mechanics, as it is supplied with additional LED light source, which may be very useful in the dark spaces as the additional source of the lighting.

Among the other cordless models of the air impact wrench are Bosch 22612 ½ inch model has quite an attractive price — it costs around 200 USD. It has quite powerful 12-volt battery. Some of the Dewalt models of air wrenches are extremely popular due to their high level of power and the length of working.



If you are able to maintain these air impact wrenches in the best possible condition, you can expect these tools to last for longer time. You have to oil it regularly to prevent the motor from wearing out. These air impact wrenches are excellent tools and are making a revolution in the construction and mechanical industry. It is better to stay away from poorly constructed tool if you are happened to use them in the rugged environment.

If you get the low quality one with the intention of saving your money, you may not enjoy its longevity. When you opt for low quality ones, they may break under heavy use and you may end up replacing it very often. So, take your requirements into consideration and read reviews and testimonials posted by the consumers before purchasing the impact wrench kit for you. It is very important to make a well informed decision while getting this best air impact wrench.