6 Types of Power Tools and Their Uses

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If you do a search, you will find lots of different types of power tools are available out there, and all have different purpose of use. You can use these power tools for house projects, house repairing, small and big construction projects, and if you are knowledgeable enough to use aright power tool for the right job, you will find these very useful. But, which power tool is best for you? , If you have confusions about which power tool to use for your project, then this guide will be very helpful for you. Here, we will show you different types of power tools and their uses.

But, before we go for those different types of power tools, first let’s have a quick look at power tools.

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What really power tools are?

Power tools are nothing but a device or machine which is powered by an external additional source than the human body. Most of these tools power sources come from the electric motor, gasoline, internal combustion engines, and sometimes from compressed air. One can use these power tools for different purposes like home uses, apartments, construction sites or garages, metalwork station, etc. Power tools are really beneficial when it comes to reducing the human efforts.

Different Types of Power Tools and Their Uses

So, here you will learn about different types of power tools and their different uses. There huge choices of power tools are available for purchase, and after reading this power tools types, you can choose the right power tools for your job.

Air Compressor

Air compressor works with a simple principle, it converts the power (stored as a pressurized air compressor) into energy. When you use the air compressor, it starts storing the compressed air as energy according to its capacity. However, the air compressor power and capacity of the tank will vary depending on the model you purchase. Also, air compressor comes with two options stationary, and portable. There are different types of air compressor models are out there, pick the right one that is best suitable for your project.

Uses: This type of power tools are very useful for Cleaning, spray painting, filling air tires and gas cylinders, power up pneumatics tools like ajack hammer, nail guns, and more likewise.


When you want to make your garden look amazingly beautiful and good-looking, you need a good trimmer on thejob. Trimmer uses flexible monofilament lines instead of a regular blade. This is very useful for cutting grass, cutting other objects near the plant and also capable of cur irregular terrain. The power generates from the gasoline engine, also now electric motors trimmers are also available on the market.

Uses: Mostly use for cutting grass, giving the plant a nice structure and look at cutting irregular terrain. Also, you can use it for different gardening cutting practice.

Table Saw

When you have needs of extreme cuts, crosscuts, or you want to saw any material, a table saw can be a very useful power tool for you. Table saw comes with a circular saw underneath a table with blades with allows you to slither smoothly almost everything. The main power of table saw is generated from electric motors. As it comes with the portable feature, it can be easily shifted to the job site for doing the cutting job.

Uses: it is useful for deeper cutting which can’t be handled with and saw or other power saws.


You will find this most useful power tool in almost in all everyone’s home.  Nowadays, there are many different types of drilling machines are available, which you can are made to accomplish different jobs. Whether you want to drill wall for putting your wall picture, or you want to hang something on the wall, the drill is a must needed power tool for all.

Uses: Having a Drill helps you various way for your projects, mostly drill use for putting up a painting on the wall, build furniture, woodworking, metalworking, construction use, or you want to use this for all small drilling work.

Nail Gun

Well, its name itself tells about its job. Most of the time when hand hammers are not enough to drive anail into wood or any other material; nail gun can do it efficiently with minimal effort. How does it work? thenail gun is powered by compressed air, or electricity, or flammable gas to run the machine. However, if you don’t know how to use it, most of the time manufacturer gives a guide along with the nail gun about how you can use it.

Uses: This power tool is more useful for those who need to nail different material for their project.  You can use this tool for carpentry, roofing, finishing, and other home-based work.

Rotary Tool

This tool comes with most usability for smaller home projects. They come up with a multi-tools package offering many useful tools in one package. Some brands offer 100+ useful accessories in one package. Basically, rotary tools are handheld power tools can spin at a high rate. Moreover, rotary tools are super compact in size and designed to be shifted easily.

Uses: As this is multipurpose tools, with rotary tools you can perform adifferent task like sanding, carving bevels, shining metal surface, buffing, polishing and more. As its multipurpose tool, there are endless attachments you can buy, and you will find this power tool very useful throughout your whole life.


if you are someone who does frequently household projects, or a hobbyist, you must have these power tools in your house to reduce your efforts. Different uses of these power tools will help you to accomplish your project easily and smartly. Hopefully, here you learned about different types of power tools and their use, now it’s your turn to pick the right one according to your requirements.  When you have the right tool in your hand to do your assignment, things will go quick. Also, tools like a rotary tool will help you lifelong with their versatile usability.