Best Cordless Drill under $100

. Let’s face it:

  • There’s an erroneous perception that getting an efficient cordless drill is expensive. This is not necessarily true.
  • While the market might be suffocated with lots of cheap junks, there are still decent cordless drills you can get at an affordable price.In this article, we will look at the best cordless drills below the $100 price-tag.

The Top 5 Best Cordless Drills Under $100 Reviewed

#1. Dewalt DCD771C2 -Best Cordless Drill Under $100 


  • Looking for the best cordless drill under $100? There is a reason why this drill driver is our top pick. It has attributes which dwarf its cost. Grit is required in a cordless drill and this unit doesn’t disappoint. A ½ -inch ratcheting chuck delivers maximum strength when you need it.
  • Power is important in a cordless drill to perform optimally. The Dewalt DCD771C2 is powered using a premium quality motor with a rating of 373in/lbs. This ensures the unit functions regardless of the task before you. However, it falls short when compared to more powerful models. But you can’t have it all with a cordless drill right?
  • Transmission remains vital in a drill. You can fasten bolts or screws with the speed this offers. In this unit, there’s a transmission with two-speed options. You will find this extremely useful since each caters for specific tasks.
  • Design matters in a cordless drill. The capacity to maneuver tight spaces cannot be neglected in a power tool of this nature. With the Dewalt DCD771C2, you have a compact drill which can fit some of the smallest areas.
  • Besides portability, this unit doesn’t weigh a ton. Using a heavy drill can put some strain on your arm. The reverse is obtainable with this Dewalt unit. Its weight of 3.6 lbs confirms its lightweight attribute. This makes drilling less tasking.Still on design, this power tool is equipped with a handle which makes carriage easier. Having control over a cordless drill improves the efficiency of a drilling activity. And that’s one benefit of the ergonomic handle. Also, it makes the entire drilling exercise an agreeable one.
  • The Dewalt DCD771C2 is a cordless device. You don’t have to be close to a power outlet to use it. A lithium-ion battery with a 20V capacity supplies power to this unit. You can always change the battery with the spare provided. However, ensure you charge these batteries since they come partly drained. A charger is provided solely for this purpose.
  • How you carry a power tool can affect its durability. For a convenient and risk-free transportation of this unit, it comes with a contractor bag. There’s the added advantage of packing in other tools into the bag.

. Why Should Use:-

  • It’s affordable
  • Remarkable design
  • Lightweight
  • Indicator lights enhance the efficient use of the drill.

. Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • Chuck is made of an inferior plastic material
  • Regardless of its awesome features, it is not very powerful

#2. Makita XPH102 Cordless Hammer Driver-Drill Kit 


  • If you’re seeking for the best budget cordless drill, the Makita XPH102 could be just what you need. A ½ inch hammer drill offers a mix of precision and strength. With this Makita device, you are not limited to only activities needing a hammer drill. The bit can be switched depending on the task.
  • Electric power is converted into its mechanical counterpart through a 4-pole motor. It can deliver a maximum of 480in/lbs which is quite substantial. Apparently, the XPH 102 is a more powerful drill compared to the Dewalt DCD771C2.
  • It has a handle which affords you control over the drill. This segment of the unit is coated with rubber to reduce vibrations common with jobs of this nature. Using this cordless device comes with the freedom of working at any time of the day. It has LED lights for improved visibility regardless of where or when you are working.
  • Like the Dewalt, the Makita offers two-speed settings in its transmission – 1900 rev/min and 28500 revs/min. You are free to make choices to suit your drilling need.
  • An 18v lithium battery provides the drill with the power needed to get the motor working. It should last long enough for you to see a task to completion. And it doesn’t take that long in charging.
  • This Makita model is heavier than the Dewalt considered earlier. But its weight of 3.9 lbs wouldn’t warrant you taking painkillers hours after working with one.

. Why Should Use?

  • Powerful cordless drill
  • Great design
  • Multipurpose power tool

. Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • Durability remains a problem
  • Chuck’s hold on the bit lags after sometime

#3. DEWALT DC970K-2 Drill/Driver Kit  – Amazing 18V Drill



  • Anyone looking to purchase the best budget drill currently on sale shouldn’t ignore the Dewalt DC9Z0K driver kit. It has a ½ inch ratcheting chuck amplifying its hold on the bit.
  • With a length of only 9 inches, this cordless drill is portable. You can use this unit regardless of the narrowness of your working environment.
  • Typical of these types of drills, it has two-speed options – 0-450 rev/min and 0-1500 rev/min. This can be leveraged on to improve the performance of the cordless device. However, this falls short of what is obtainable with the Makita model.
  • Cordless drills depend on batteries to function. This unit is no exception. It comes with two 18v Nickel/Cadmium battery. You can switch batteries if the situation demands such. Sadly, this doesn’t store as much charge as its Lithium-ion counterpart. Invariably, it won’t last as long.
  • A motor converts electric power provided by the batteries to mechanical energy. This component has a maximum capacity of 380 unit watts out. It is insufficient for power demanding tasks but should do just fine for simpler ones.
  • Another significant flaw of this device is its weight. The Dewalt DC9Z0K weighs about 4.7 lbs. It is heavy. No one wants a cordless drill which could bring about fatigue rather quickly.

. Why Should Use?

  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Charging the batteries don’t take too long
  • Ideal for simple household needs

. Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • It is rather heavy
  • Batteries are below par
  • Not a very powerful tool

#4 .BLACK+DECKER LDX120C – Best 20V Cordless Drill


  • Another best cheap drill certainly worth considering is the Black and Decker LDX120C. It has a 3/8 inch chuck. For less power demanding tasks, this should do just fine.
  • Its orange color gives it an alluring appeal contrasting the dull appearance typical of most power tools. This cordless drill is relatively small. Its weight of 3.4 lbs ensures you can hold the device for much longer without getting tired.
  • Altering transmission speed is important in a drill. You don’t want to overdrive screws when working on delicate materials. This power tool comes with several clutch positions. You can regulate the actions of the drill during a task. Also, altering the speed of the drill reduces the incidence of countersinking when not needed.
  • The B&D LDX120C derives its power from a 20v lithium-ion battery. While this can be charged quickly, it won’t last long enough. If you’re looking at carrying out a power-intensive task using this tool, don’t do it. This drill is built to cater for only small tasks around the home.
  • LED work lights in a drill are rapidly becoming popular. And this unit continues the trend. You can work in areas without adequate lighting and won’t have to strain your eyes.

. Why Should Use?

  • Reasonably priced tool
  • Great to have around the home
  • Clutch settings are a worthwhile addition
  • Lightweight drill

. Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • The battery isn’t great
  • Not suitable for power-intensive jobs
  • It is not very durable

#5.Bosch PS31-2A Cordless Drill– Best For Home Usage

BEST Affordable Drills

  • The pricing of this Botch device is a bargain when compared to its numerous attributes. Just like the Black and Decker cordless drill considered earlier, this unit uses a 3/8 inch chuck. Apparently, it is more suited for domestic purposes.
  • It has two transmission speed options. This improves the versatility of the device regardless of the surface you’re working on. With 21 clutch settings, it surpasses what is seen on the Black and Decker unit. Precision is vital in a drill; this number of clutch settings affords you exactly that.
  • The design of this cordless drill makes it suitable for enclosures and compact areas. Its 7-inch head combined with a weight of 2.2 lbs ensures this unit is effortless to use. There’s also the benefit of an easier carriage. A carrying case provided with this device eases the transportation burden.
  • Power supply for Bosch cordless drill comes from its 12V Lithium-ion battery. You get two batteries with each purchase. They can be switched at intervals if one runs low. This increases the amount of work completed with the unit.
  • One of the stand-out attributes of this device is its housing. Unlike most power tools with a plastic casing, this cordless drill uses Durashield housing. The composite is a nylon derivative that makes the tool more adaptable to harsh working conditions. 

. Why Should Use?

  • LED lights illuminate the workplace
  • Cost-effective power tool
  • The small and lightweight device
  • Its Durashield casing is a nice addition

. Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • It is not very powerful
  • Durability could be improved upon
  • Swapping the battery could be a problem


  • The reviewed cordless drills are certainly valued for money. They might not have the power needed by a professional, but they certainly hold their own. But there’s only one winner here which is the Dewalt DCD771C Cordless Drill. It has a compact design, power proficiency, and impressive adaptability giving it an edge over the others.