Chicago Pneumatic CP734H Review


You know, at first I didn’t feel like writing this Chicago Pneumatic CP734H review as I wanted to talk about other topics such as the benefits of using air impact wrench over other types of impact wrenches, buying tips for folks who aren’t familiar with pneumatic tools, etc, etc…

But then I changed my mind after discovering the Chicago pneumatic Cp734h price at I saw that the price tag was less than $150!  What a bargain and that made me VERY ANGRY!

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I’m peeved because only a month ago, I bought this model from a local store for 180 bucks. My fault really…I was aware that the cp734h prices at local stores are typically expensive but problem was a month ago, Amazon didn’t have the CP734H in stock. I should’ve waited just a little bit longer….Darn it! Arghhh…

Alright, now I’ve gotten this rage of my chest, it’s time I focus on the fairly popular Chicago Pneumatic CP734H and review it accordingly.

Okay so, after using the CP734H for some time (I’ve used it many times at work, only recently purchased one to add to my personal toolbox), I can say for certain that this industrial level air impact wrench bridges the gap between being a tool for the professionals, and for the average home users.

No doubt, lots of mechanics and auto techs these days prefer to use other more advanced and way pricier air impact wrenches, especially those manufactured by Ingersoll-Rand. But make no mistake; the Chicago Pneumatic CP734H is still being used by many pros as well. Why?

Chicago Pneumatic CP734H Specs Are Awesome that’s why!

See product specs here)

This air tool has very, very decent power, which is pretty remarkable when taking into account the fact that it doesn’t require much air. Many highly advanced air impact wrenches on the market have crazy high air requirements, and that can be a problem for many average home users as they’ll have to shell out some big bucks for a powerful air compressor.

With the CP734H, you don’t have to buy a fancy schmancy, over $500 best air compressor for impact wrench. I hooked up this pneumatic tool to my 3 year old Senco PC1131 Compressor and it was all good. Here’s a photo of that compressor.

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Using this relatively inexpensive compressor, I was able to utilize the CP734H air impact wrench for breaking loose stiff suspension bolts, lug nuts, lag screws, and things like that. This well made impact wrench can help you unfasten and fasten stuff without much trouble.

Just don’t buy this and expect it to work on heavy farm equipment and the like! You’ll need a much more powerful air tool for that sort of job like the IR 261 3/4 air impact wrench for instance. However for most regular automotive/general repair tasks, the CP734H specs should be enough to keep going.

I think it’s very pleasing to find a relatively low-priced air powered impact wrench that’s capable of putting out a respectable maximum torque of 425 ft. /lbs with relatively low air requirement. Normally you’d have to pay quite a lot of money for this sort of wrench.

Another plus point I’d like to point out is the grip comfort. I find the rubber grip extremely comfortable unlike other cheap models. You know the below $50 type of pneumatic wrenches. They have rough grip and it’s such a chore to use them for an extended period time. Plus they do not last long anyway!

CP734H features a total of 4 power settings and goes full power in reverse. The dial for the settings is situated at the back of the tool and you can adjust on the fly. In terms of weight, I believe the Chicago Pneumatic CP734H at 5.8 Pounds, is a tad bit on the heavy side.

It’s not heavy to the point that it’s too taxing on the hand because the tool has pretty good balance. But it’s still heavier than other advanced air impact wrenches like say, Ingersoll-Rand’s 2135TiMAX model.

Conclusion to Chicago Pneumatic CP734H Review

All in all, the CP734H is a very decent pneumatic tool. I like it a lot. I’m just a little furious that I didn’t nab one from Amazon as the CP734H price on that website is much cheaper compared to the retail store near my place. And let’s not forget the free shipping as well. What a bummer.

The most significant complaint I have with this tool is that it doesn’t come with the fairly essential protective rubber cover. So I had to purchase it separately. See a picture of the protective cover here.

Chicago Pneumatic CA129405 Protective Cover for CP734H

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