How to use cordless drill

What is a screwdriver?

Screwdrivers are an indispensable and very important element for your toolbox. Screwdrivers are a useful tool not only for professionals working on construction sites but also for simple DIY enthusiasts, often for repairs and projects in their homes.

When was the screwdriver invented?

The first screwdriver model was probably born in the late Middle Ages. Of course, these are manual models and were highly developed in France or Germany in the late 1400s. These screwdrivers have pear-shaped handles. Many years later, wireless screwdrivers were made, making this element much more valuable making it much more comfortable by eliminating the need to rotate the screw itself. Using a manual screwdriver for a long time has been frustrating, causing hand cramps.

Why should we buy a screwdriver?

With a screwdriver, you can do a lot of things, such as assembling furniture, clothes hangers and even building a wooden house on a tree. Obviously a screwdriver alone, in this case, is not enough, but it is also helpful to have a tool besides screwing that knows how to penetrate wood and metal.

What are the benefits of using a screwdriver?

Using a screwdriver certainly has many advantages for those who use it. They save a lot of time by allowing its users to take care of planning and assembly instead of losing it permanently to remove or unscrew the screws by hand. The benefits are:

Portability: an easy wireless screwdriver. They are very light, compact and can go anywhere you need to screw loose or put something together. Battery models can be used without worrying about long and bulky cables;

Flexibility: versatility is a feature that makes wireless screwdrivers very popular. There is no limit to a specific power outlet and the ability to be used in extremely confined spaces;

Compact and easy to transport: screwdriver models currently on the market are small in size and have excellent compression. This makes them easy to transport in pails or backpacks.

Safe for those who use it and for others: safety is of fundamental importance when working with working tools. The advantage of a wireless screwdriver, later we will see the difference with the type of electricity, is that there is no cable to worry about. It is usually easy to pull anything on the head or leg by entangling the power cable. Power cables can endanger workers or other family members if they move from room to room because they can cause falls;

Flexibility for many different projects: a screwdriver can be used for many different projects making things much simpler. For example, mounting or dismantling handles, furniture, drawers. Screw and unscrew an object or even build a shelf.

Effective for tasks that need to be done quickly: as mentioned, the advantage of a wireless screwdriver is the time that allows you to save money. Obviously we will have to worry about making a full deposit which can ensure a higher efficiency for the jobs to be done quickly.

Screwdrivers used by whom?

Screwdrivers are widely used by experts including:

. Furniture manufacturers;

. Carpenter;

. IT specialist;

. Specialist repair;

. DIY lovers.

What are the main types of screwdrivers?

The strongest and most reliable people in the category are electric screwdrivers because their bodies are very sturdy and this makes them more resistant to various types of work and physical shocks. However, there are cordless screwdrivers that often use nickel-cadmium batteries or lithium batteries. They have two operating speeds and are used in different fields of work. Moreover, the most recent models can manage comfortably and be fitted more comfortably. They are also equipped with a Power Control system, a system capable of saving significant amounts of energy and directing it to a necessary effort.

What points must be followed for good use of a screwdriver?

When using a screwdriver, the following should be considered :

Place the head on the screw head and apply slight pressure on the screwdriver;

Make sure the head is plugged directly into the screw head, as otherwise the screw may be damaged;

Start screwdriver by pressing on / off switch;

To screw a wood screw, first drill a guide hole to facilitate the screwing and prevent debris from opening;

The guide holes have two purposes. It acts as a guide for screw entry and prevents deformed or broken wood;

The guide holes must be drilled to a depth equal to or greater than the length of

screws are used.

Choose to rotate forward to screw and turn backward to extract them;

Be careful not to tighten the small copper screws too tightly. Their heads twisted easily and the thread could be damaged. Should tighten these screws by hand;

Use cross-head screws whenever possible. They are easier to screw on because the screwdriver head fits more closely with the screw head;

To insert the screw into a threaded hole, start screwing by hand. Tighten the screw until you feel that the thread is clamping, and then use a screwdriver to tighten the screw;

To use the screwdriver provided with a screwdriver, be careful not to tighten the nuts as they may be damaged.

What are the dimensions of the guide hole?

In this small diagram we see a small guide for the size of the guide hole:

. Screw size No. 6 (3.5mm); softwood (2.0 mm); hardwood (2.5 mm);

. Screw size No. 8 (4.0 mm); softwood (3.2 mm); hardwood (3.5 mm);

. Screw size No. 10 (5.0 mm); softwood (3.5 mm); hardwood (4.0 mm).

What should you watch out for when using a screwdriver?

Screwdrivers are used to fasten and loosen screws. However, during these activities, the device may have particularly dangerous reactions to its users. Possible causes are:

. Pair Kickback;

. Bit slip;

. noise;

. Phenomenon convulsions.

How can you protect yourself from kickback couples?

With the necessary measures, it is possible to avoid the backlash and dangerous reaction of couples. The measures taken are undoubtedly an accurate selection of the same screwdriver and adjustment tool, such as torque or deep rod, on the basis of the manufacturer’s instructions.

How can you protect yourself from slip bits?

Mainly there are four causes of slip bits. Let us see in detail what they are. The first reason is definitely the bit size not matching screws; A second cause is the application of the bit angle on the screw. Corners during start-up and too low pressure are two other causes of bits slipping. Each of these cases results in an application error. The effects of skidding can be dangerous that could cause injury to the user; damaged embryos; screw damage; damage to the bit itself. Such application errors are made very often, so it is important to take the necessary precautions before using the tool.

How can you protect yourself from epilepsy?

respect the calibration values of screwdrivers;

treat fillets with conventional anti-retention products (especially larger or equal to 16 mm diameter); Use nuts and bolts of different materials (such as AISI 316 and 304).

What are the bits?

This is how the bits mounted on a screwdriver are called to unscrew or unscrew the star and/or smooth screws but in different sizes.

What are the main types of twists?

Different types of screws are, for convenience, summarized in two main categories: screwing in hard materials and screwing in soft materials. All applications in which a hard material is found under a screw, usually metal materials, are determined by screwing in hard material. Instead, all applications in which the product material is located directly under the screw, and therefore lightweight, usually the wood or where the screw is fitted into the productive material, are determined by screwing in soft material…

What types of screwdrivers are there?

There are several types of screwdrivers:

. Simple screwdrivers;

. Impact wrench;

. Pneumatic screwdrivers;

. Screwdrivers with screw feeders;

. Screwdriver angle;

. Cordless screwdrivers;

. Cordless screwdrivers;

. Professional electric screwdriver;

. Drywall screwdriver.

What is the difference between a simple screwdriver and the impact?

An impact wrench is often used when it is difficult to screw or remove the screws, freeing our body from all efforts. It is an even indispensable tool for all DIY lovers. Its use is indispensable in the assembly or disassembly of elements and in the repair of any structure. Its pistol shape allows working people to hold it firmly and comfortably. Traditional screwdrivers, as we have seen in previous articles, can be both electronic and battery-operated and are primarily used to screw and remove basic screws in materials that are not particularly hard while a The impact wrench with rotary motion it is capable of taking a sequence of pulses. It could be pneumatic, battery-powered or electrically powered. The battery model reaches 3000 strokes per minute with the tightness of 220 Nm. In this regard, they are mainly used in the industrial and automotive sectors.

How do you insert and remove tips in a screwdriver?

To insert a little, push hard into the drill bit holder. To remove a bit, pull straight out of the bit compartment.

If necessary, the magnetic bit holder provided with the screwdriver may be inserted into the set

Hold bit and then bit can be inserted into the magnetic bit holder.

What is a pneumatic screwdriver?

Pneumatic screwdrivers are definitely a useful tool for those who do mechanical work or for those who are simply DIY enthusiasts, to mount tires for cars and vehicles in general. A great tool capable of speeding up this type of work and delivering better results. A pneumatic screwdriver is powered by the energy generated by air expansion. This happens by connecting rods and crank assemblies into circular motion. To work, a pneumatic screwdriver must be attached to the compressor.

What is an angled screwdriver?

L ‘angle screwdriver is used to operate in limited access positions, giving minimum reaction torque to the operator even at very high torque values. L ‘angle screwdriver can accommodate all accessories with hexagon attachment by a quarter of an inch. The rotation both clockwise and anticlockwise and maximum torque transmission is 13 Nm.

What is a screwdriver with a screw loader?

Screwdrivers with screw loaders are ideal for specific use and for large construction sites. This also uses an automatic sliding screw tape but can also be used with individual screws by removing the magazine from the screwdriver body. The screws used by this type of screwdriver usually attach at least 50 screws. It is a suitable tool for those who have to perform work on plasterboards, such as mounting boards or shelves and more, with precision.

What is a drywall screwdriver?

Drywall screwdrivers are made of very light material but still have a sturdy structure. This allows people to use it to work longer. The screwdrivers for plasterboard have a voltage that ranges from 10 to 18 volts. The principle of a drywall screwdriver is very simple as it is a replaceable screwdriver that allows you to screw specific screws to the sheets. It also provides the ability to restrict the screwdriver to the desired depth by adjusting the stop ring nut when inserting the wrong size.

What is a mini screwdriver?

A professional mini wireless screwdriver is especially useful in case you need to do tasks that do not require much and also quite quickly. A mini screwdriver is definitely more convenient to carry due to its small size. In structure, it is very similar to the drilling machine but not like it has reduced size and low weight.

What are the features of a 12-volt screwdriver?

The 12 Volt screwdriver has as their main feature, it is very light work. They are also equipped with ultra-compact and easy to hold thanks to the ergonomic design. This type of screwdriver is easy to use even in tight spaces thanks to its small size. They are equipped with LEDs for better visibility even in spaces where there is less light. They are equipped with 2.6 Ah lithium batteries. These batteries provide high performance and longevity even in the most demanding environments. The 12 v screwdriver is equipped with a 3-function (0.5-10mm) steel spindle, 15 clutches, and 2 speeds.

What features does an 18 Volt screwdriver have?

An 18-volt screwdriver is an intermediate semi-professional product. Lithium batteries allow it to provide excellent performance. It is mainly used to assemble some furniture or in case you need to puncture a harder and stiffer material, such as cement. It is suitable for drilling up to 38 mm in wood, 13 mm in steel. It is very light and practical when used to remove and tighten screws and nuts up to 6.8 × 50 mm of wood and standard M6 screws. Compact and balanced and it is equipped with a one-ring self-locking chuck, that is with spindle lock; Tighten torque adjustment at 22 positions for more precision in screwing and motor with high-performance cooling fans.

Which one and how many types of fasteners exist?

There are machine screws and wood screws. Obviously, in these two main categories, there are other variants for different building materials and for special screws. The screws mainly differ in the shape and type of thread.

What is the screwdriver’s rotating speed?

The speed of a screwdriver varies from a minimum of about 100 revolutions per minute to a maximum of about 250 revolutions per minute. Speed ​​, however, varies by model. An impact wrench can reach 3000 strokes per minute with a tightening of 220 Nm.

What does Nm mean?

Nm stands for newton per meter or newton meter. It is the unit of mechanical torque measurement in the International System of Units. It corresponds to the moment the force of a newton force is applied to the end of a bar one meter long and perpendicular to it, located at the other end.

What is the power of a screwdriver?

The power of a simple screwdriver varies on a scale of 3 to 8 volts with the voltage varying from 3.6 V to 4.5 V. Some models sold may still offer higher voltages. . A professional impact wrench can also reach 18-volt voltage.

What does “volt” mean?

Volt is the unit of measurement of voltage and potential difference in the International System and therefore is the voltage.

What does “Watt” mean?

Watt is the measurement unit for electrical energy.

What does “16 Volt Max” mean?

A battery pack of 16 16 Max Max (14.4 V) includes four individual batteries. Each cell has two voltages: a nominal and a maximum. When a 3.6 V lithium-ion battery is charged, it actually receives a charge of 4 V. Only when discharged at 50% will it reach the nominal level of 3.6 V. The nominal value is calculated as follows: 3.6 V x 4 cells = 14.4 V. While the “Maximum” value is based on the maximum charge level: 4 V x 4 cells = 16 V.

What does “20 Volt Max” mean?

A “20 V Max” battery pack (18 V) includes five individual batteries. Each cell has two voltages: a nominal and a maximum. When a 3.6 V lithium-ion cell is charged, it actually receives a charge of 4 V. In this case, the nominal value is calculated as follows: 3.6 V x 5 cells = 18 V. While “Maximum” value based on maximum charge: 4 V x 5 cells = 20 V.

What is the most powerful screwdriver?

A specific type of screwdriver consists of air devices that are in turn divided into a pulse or linear screwdrivers. While reaching 650nm per couple, they still maintain their small size despite the type of processing they are often used. They are often heavy and typical devices of some type of operator called high torque. These models, unlike the classic models, perform small strokes that provide continuous rotation. Linear screwdrivers are the ideal solution for those who want maximum results from compactness without giving up, however, the length of the device. In general, such models,

What parameters must be considered when choosing a screwdriver?

Let’s take a look at the basic parameters to consider when choosing a screwdriver.

.Weight: it is important to always choose a model that is not too low and this is to better correct the trend. A model with non-slip handles and is likely to be used for any kind of work that usually weighs less than 2 kg.

. Shape: Wireless screwdriver is available in three basic shapes; straight, pistol or a combination of both. Straight shape screwdrivers are suitable for small basic jobs. Pistol screwdrivers are perfect for getting into the most uncomfortable corners and the most inaccessible areas. On the other hand, a mixed shape screwdriver includes both characteristics of the previous two parts and can meet both situations with a single tool.

. The number of revolutions per minute: if you wish to get a good job and have good results, you must take into account the number of revolutions per minute must not be less than 1000 otherwise we will have an approximate job. As the voltage increases, the number of revolutions per minute usually increases, which can range from about 600 to in excess of 2000. A medium or high-speed drill capable of providing 1200 to 1800 revolutions per minute. In the case of percussion drilling, we will talk about the stroke for a minute.

. Voltage: This parameter is important for professional services. Its value can vary from 9 to 36 volts. In fact, it’s good to choose a model capable of delivering over 12 volts. Obviously it must be equipped with an efficient lithium battery if you need to work without an electrical outlet. Industry experts recommend not choosing models that drop below 9 volts. It is good to remember that vaulting is closely linked to the maximum screwdriver speed. The ideal value should be at least 12-14 volts. Currently, the most common and necessary voltage is 18 Volt, as it is sufficient to power for medium and large applications and incorporates a structure that is still light and easy to handle and can also be perfectly used at home. For very large applications,

. Maximum torque: corresponds to the amount of energy applied to the screw without the risk of “peeling”. It is measured by Newton Newton meters, Nm. Typically, a good 12-volt screwdriver is about 30 nm. Thanks to that, its speed is higher than a screwdriver with a lower voltage. A lower-end torque wrench is perfect for everyday simple operations.

. Reversibility: This is a feature of the screwdriver in circulation and includes the ability to reverse the direction of rotation of the head. In fact, one motion may be triggered in both directions. Therefore, the user has the ability to screw but can also remove or correct any screwdriver.

. Spindle lock: Electric screwdriver can also be used in manual mode when supplied by the spindle. This function locks the wireless device in a straight position, in the perfect manual screwdriver style.

. Reverse rotation: some screwdrivers are also equipped with reverse rotation allowing the screws to be extracted simply and efficiently once they are inserted. It is a feature that makes the job much easier and more comfortable.

. Quick charging: The lithium-ion battery driver is capable of fast, strong and lasting charging. In fact, they last at least 3 times longer than conventional rechargeable batteries. Some features allow charging screwdriver. Battery fast, usually within an hour or less.

. Integrated light: some wireless screwdriver models have built-in LEDs. An LED light illuminates areas in low light. This function provides the ability to operate even in low light environments.

What is the maximum torque and torque setting?

Maximum torque is the maximum rotational force of the drill, which can be very important if drilling hard materials such as concrete, considering the combined drill, with the percussion function for additional drilling.

Torque setting is more important when it comes to screwing because charging too much power into the screw can “grab” the screw head. Doing everything right, so that each screw is flat to the surface, can be difficult, but some drills are easier to control at slower speeds than others.

Is the material important when choosing a screwdriver?

Absolutely yes. Also because the eye wants its part but not just for this reason. The importance of materials is in some way related to performance but above all the safety of the screwdriver itself. Different materials are used to produce this type of device. The changes are that the strength of the plastic and metal alloys used for different ends must ensure the tool’s durability over time, especially if it is under high stress when working on very hard materials. , such as concrete or metal. Therefore, it is important during the selection phase to verify that the materials used by the manufacturer are reliable and safe. All this reduces unpleasant danger and accidents.

What is the difference between a wireless screwdriver and an electric screwdriver?

The cordless screwdriver is equipped with a rechargeable battery. They mostly differ in the type of battery installed. The cordless screwdriver is very comfortable and practical. In fact, they represent the right combination of quality, price, and functionality. Compared to a classic screwdriver, it is lighter and therefore easier to hold, they are equipped with good durability and battery, ensuring a longer lifespan allowing you to comfortably perform tasks without having to stop frequently. to recharge. The capacity of a wireless screwdriver is measured in amps. The torque of these tools is too low to drill holes.

Electric screwdrivers are equipped with wires and plugs that allow connection to a power outlet. They are usually strong and strong and often have no spindle because they directly attach attachments to the inserts.

Does it work better with electricity or battery?

An electric screwdriver allows us to have more energy than a cordless drill. The development of wireless screwdriver technology has come much closer to the power version in terms of performance. In short, you will understand that the drill is less flexible because it is not always possible and easy to connect it to a power outlet.

The cordless drill is much more flexible instead because it allows you to work in locations that cannot be reached by the electric version without the interference of the power cable.

What does “ampere-hour” mean?

Ampere-hours is a practical unit of measure for a charge. Represents the amount of charge required to provide an amperage of current for one hour, or 3600 coulombs.

Is the deciding power factor in your screwdriver selection?

Absolutely yes, because it affects its performance both in terms of power and work autonomy. The devices currently on the market offer an internal rechargeable battery. Battery-powered models do not require an attack on the electrical outlet and thus ensure greater freedom of movement.

Why is the battery of my wireless screwdriver quickly depleted?

The power of a wireless screwdriver depends on the battery voltage. A more powerful tool requires a high capacity battery (in amps per hour) and this aspect also allows you to work for a longer time before having to recharge the battery. The heavier you are doing, the faster the battery will drain. This also affects the age of the battery. Battery life also affects use and charging, as well as the type of battery.

How many types of battery?

There are different types of batteries: nickel-cadmium batteries; nickel-metal hydride and lithium battery. These batteries are placed in order of quality. In fact, nickel-cadmium corresponds to lower quality and technology while more advanced quality and technology are provided by lithium. Each type of battery brings advantages and disadvantages to the tool. The lithium battery screwdriver has a higher cost. This category is exempted from the so-called “memory effect” that can be converted to drill use, even when partially charged at full capacity until fully charged.

Lithium-ion batteries have a much higher “energy density” than other types of batteries, so they are smaller and lighter for the same operating life. They have much lower automatic download speeds, so they won’t be easy to download when they’re not in use and can be reloaded anytime, even if they’re not empty.

Nickel-cadmium batteries experience damage with higher difficulty. Finally, the nickel-metal battery is located between the two mentioned. They have twice the duration but poorer performance than lithium.

Nickel metal hydride batteries have a higher “energy density” than NiCd batteries, so they last longer before you need to recharge them. NiMH batteries have the highest automatic discharge rate, meaning they discharge quickly when not in use.

Nickel-cadmium batteries have a long life if kept in good condition. NiCd batteries only have to be charged when they are discharged (run out of battery), otherwise, they will lose capacity. This type of battery is most reliable, especially in hot and cold climates. They provide maximum power when needed, for example when starting or during heavy work. They have high automatic download speeds, which means they self-discharge when not in use. NiCd batteries must be charged before storage.

What does “memory effect” mean?

The memory effect occurs with NiCd batteries if they are not fully discharged. If a part of the battery is not under stress, then the battery itself may say, “take note”. As a result, the stress-free part will no longer be available to generate energy inside the battery. In lithium batteries, this memory effect does not occur. The battery can recognize its usage status. If the battery is not fully discharged before recharging, small crystals form on the electrodes that limit the absorption of the charge. If you do not leave the battery completely discharged many times, the battery life will decrease. With nickel-cadmium technology, the so-called “lazy effect” can dominate, similar to the classical memory effect. Lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries can and must be recharged continuously. These batteries have no memory effect; Only short-term frequent charging should be avoided. Even a full charge in some stages, with or without intermediate partial discharge, is not harmful. However, do not completely discharge lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries. In the case of lithium-ion batteries, you also do not need to charge and discharge new batteries many times to reach the capacity. If charging is successful for the first time, the battery has a full capacity right from the start. Disconnecting and reconnecting a group of batteries to the charger does not result in a higher charge level,

How long does the battery last?

Unfortunately, there is no exact answer to this question. The longer the battery has a higher number of Ah, the longer it will last for the same engine capacity and type.

The most frequent capacity ranges from 1.3 to 5 Ah. The battery capacity is measured Ah (Ampère / hour).

Can it make battery longer?

Well, after some useful tips. Lithium-ion batteries are the most expensive but are also the lightest, more durable and more resistant. It is therefore good to buy a screwdriver with such a battery. To make them last longer, it is best to let them fully discharge.

If the battery starts to have problems, it’s a good idea to replace it immediately. In fact, batteries have no eternal life.

How do you store lithium batteries?

Lithium batteries are usually kept at room temperature. Storing at higher temperatures, on the other hand, reduces battery life. Temperatures above 55 ° C may damage the lithium battery after repair. Temperatures below 15 ° C may result in complete discharge. Before storage time, the lithium battery will not be fully charged because operating in a fully charged cell is larger than in a partially charged cell, a full charge will cause the cell to degrade faster.

Can lithium batteries explode?

Brand batteries are protected by various security mechanisms. The risk of explosion, therefore, is not possible. However, short circuits or damage to batteries must be avoided.

It is important to charge the battery at an appropriate temperature between 5 and 30 degrees Celsius. Extreme cold or extreme heat can damage the chemical composition of the battery.

One final tip is to buy a cordless screwdriver with two batteries. This way while one battery is charging, the other can be used so that there are no delays in your projects or work.

What are the precautions taken for good use and battery maintenance?

. Only recharge the device with the charger specified by the manufacturer. A charger suitable for a particular battery type may present a fire hazard if used with another battery pack.

. Electrical equipment must only be used with specified battery packs.

. Using any other battery pack creates the risk of injury and fire.

. If the battery pack is not in use, stay away from metal objects such as clamps, coins, keys, nails, screws or other small metal objects that may cause contact with the terminals. Short-circuiting the battery terminals can cause burns or fire.

. Under excessive use conditions, the battery may expel liquid; avoid contact. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water. If liquid comes into contact with eyes, consult a physician. Battery fluid may cause irritation or burns.

How is the battery of a screwdriver charged?

To charge the screwdriver, first, connect the charger to an appropriate socket before installing the battery pack. Insert the battery pack into the charger, make sure

It is placed entirely in the charger. The red light (charging) is flashing continuously, giving

Know the charging process has started. The charging completion will be indicated by

The red light is on continuously. The battery pack is fully charged and can be used immediately

Now or left in the charger. To remove the battery pack from the charger, press and hold

The release button on the battery pack.

It should be noted that when the charger detects that the battery is too hot or too cold, it will automatically start delaying the hot/cold pack, suspending charging until the battery reaches the appropriate temperature. The charger then automatically switches to the pack charging mode.

This function ensures maximum battery life. A cold battery pack will charge at a slower rate than a hot battery pack. The battery pack will charge at a slow pace throughout the charging cycle and will not return to maximum charging speed even when the battery is hot.

The battery must be charged for 5 hours before first use. The battery must always be charged at an ambient temperature of 4 ° to 40 ° C. When the battery is no longer able to charge, that means it has reached the end of its service life. In this case, do not throw the battery away, but take it to a dedicated collection center for private disposal.

Is the battery charger included in the screwdriver kit?

Screwdriver kits usually come with two replaceable batteries, a charger, and a flashlight.

What is an air screwdriver?

They are large and heavy screwdrivers commonly used for the heaviest processes and are typically supplied by compressors. They are mainly used by tire experts to screw screws on the wheel hubs. They are also called impact screws because they do not spin linearly, but attack strokes, impulse accurately and rotate inserts. They are not equipped with a spindle but have a square connection for a socket wrench. They are equipped with a knob that allows you to adjust the rotation speed so you can adapt to different needs.

Then there are small-sized linear air screwdrivers. They are narrow and about twenty centimeters long, powered by compressed air and do not work on pulses but have an impeller that ensures the tool has approximately constant rotation. In fact, it is used as regular cordless screwdrivers and is equipped with a special hexagonal bracket for screw bits on the spindle.

What is a screwdriver?

It is a model capable of wringing / removing and also has the ability to drill holes in wood or metal. A semi-professional power tool with a fairly high power allows you to work even on harder and more durable materials. Cordless drills are mainly used for screwing jobs, but they are also ideal for drilling wood and metal. The settings of the clutch, ie the numbers on the wheel, allow you to tighten and loosen the screws with great precision.

What is the torque setting for, that is, the rotating frame with numbers?

The torque setting allows you to control the torque or rotation power of a screwdriver. The higher the torque, therefore, the greater the number on the torque ring nut, the power generated by the screwdriver and the screw depth of the screw in the workpiece. Some screwdrivers also have a hammer function that can always be selected with this drill set.

What is a cordless hammer drill?

Cordless drill hammers can also be used to drill bricks and mason. The settings of the clutch, i.e. the numbers on the wheel, allow you to tighten and loosen with great precision.

What is cordless drill SDS?

The cordless drill SDS has the function of a pneumatic hammer making them perfect for drilling concrete. The hammer stop function also makes these tools ideal for conventional drilling jobs.

What is the significant difference between a hammer drill and the normal drill?

In the drilling machine, the spindle is placed in the relative bearing in a fixed position. This allows for high concentric accuracy. The speed is optimized for drilling in metal. In impact drill, the spindle is placed in relative bearing so that it can move. In some systems, concentric accuracy is lower than that of pure and simple drilling. The number of turns is usually higher than that of simple drill bits because in this case, the rock is also drilled, which requires a greater number of strokes.

What is the wireless impact driver?

The cordless impact screwdriver is a particularly powerful wireless screwdriver. In fact, in addition to the conventional rotation, they can provide a permanent vibration, creating integrated percussion. This results in higher torque which increases the fixing force of nuts and screws. Removing screws is also much easier with this tool. A clear wireless impact screwdriver can also be used as a normal wireless screwdriver. It is also very useful for changing tires. It is especially ideal for working on very thick walls or resistant materials as they provide long-lasting and high power batteries. The cordless impact screwdriver facilitates screwing and drilling work in metals, composites, and wood.

What is impact wrench?

Impact screwdriver is a pneumatic hand-held tool, used to screw and unscrew nuts, bolts and thread fixing screws. It is made up of a shell with a typical “gun” shape, containing propeller blades and other moving elements; From the square attachment to attach the bushes; from the button select the direction of rotation; from the trigger, a lever to trigger screwdriver; with the speed control knob; by quick pneumatic coupling.

hat screwdrivers are recommended for working stone or concrete?

A cordless screwdriver capable of working very hard materials like stone or concrete is a cordless impact drill. They are equipped with a vibration pulse to be able to exert additional pressure during drilling. This aspect is very important especially in the presence of hard materials.

Is it possible to drill all materials with the same turn?

No, it is necessary to adjust according to the properties of the material. The softer the material, the higher the rotation speed. The harder the material, the lower the speed. In different materials, the hardness is very different between them, so it is necessary to always drill with the appropriate number of revolutions, suitable for the material and diameter of the drill.

How to clean screwdriver after use?

Before performing maintenance or cleaning, it is important to remove and remove the battery from the screwdriver and disconnect the transformer from the electrical outlet. Thorough cleaning keeps the product working perfectly over time. It is good practice to take care of the tools you use. To remove dust, you can use a long clean bristle brush and vacuum cleaner. Dust can also be removed by compressed air.

To clean the outside of the product, it is best to use a dry and clean, lint-free cloth. Absolutely do not use harsh detergents or chemicals because inappropriate detergents can discolor the plastic surface or damage the labels. Never clean abrasives, alcohol, gasoline or similar liquids.

General visual inspection is very important, so checking the general condition of the pneumatic tool and especially the presence of any broken or missing parts. Cleaning is necessary to free the exhaust nozzle and exhaust filter from the accumulation of dirt. At least once a day, it is important to lubricate all gears and move the mechanical parts of the screwdriver by inserting lubricating oil into the pneumatic nozzle. To do this, disconnect the air hose, turn the screwdriver up and use the oil tank, dripping a few drops of oil into the nozzle.

To clean the case of the accessory, remove the hexagon screw located on the side of the case, place the screwdriver on the horizontal surface and use the oil tank to insert the oil.

Is the brand important?

Have. In the Italian market, there are many brands offering DIY-specific tools and manual and professional work. The most sensible advice is definitely to rely on companies that are able to meet their aspirations. It is still better to work with reliable and well-functioning companies in our area, this is to be sure to buy an effective and safe tool, avoiding any kind of problem. in the after-sales period.

Is the price important?

In the Italian market, screwdriver drills can be found with prices ranging from about 30 euros to touch very high numbers, even higher than 600 euros in professional models. Price is not just an indicator of product quality, but more importantly, above all, the functional and structural features and performance it can guarantee. Therefore, it is good to remember the purpose of your tool and therefore prepare to invest a higher amount if you are looking for a hammer drill to devote to the demanding and long-term work. On the other hand, if the need is to meet the occasional needs of DIY lighting, you can accept prices that are much lower and sometimes even lower.

South Korean and Chinese screwdrivers: are they reliable?

If you have a budget problem and don’t want to pay too much for a screwdriver but at the same time you don’t want to give up on a tool that still has great performance, you can rely on the extractor. export medium. Many products on the market are Made in China or Made in Korea, for example, mobile phones, televisions and even screwdrivers from the Asian continent. Products from the Asian market are repeatedly considered low-value and economically priced but this is not always the case because in recent years there has been a real relocation process. western manufacturing companies. The companies decided to move production units to Asian markets, promising and emerging on a planetary level. This is due to bureaucracy and excessive tax burden.

Because China and South Korea are new “output markets” for Western manufacturers, they can still produce really good quality screwdrivers. Therefore, between choosing a product made in the UK or the US or South Korea or China, you must not be prejudiced, but you must be able to evaluate the function, specification, commercial reputation, and price. Both of the products are marketed.

How long is the warranty of a screwdriver?

Ensuring that the company provides guarantees to users to purchase an effective product designed to last at least more than the number of years of warranty provided. At least the law of companies is more than 2 years. This means that tools designed to last longer and therefore made with high-quality materials and motors can be suitable for even the most difficult jobs.

What precautions should be taken when using a screwdriver?

When using a screwdriver or screwdriver, it is important to take some basic and important precautions:

. Wear protective gear during drilling. Exposure to noise can cause hearing loss.

. Use the auxiliary handle, if provided with the device. Losing control can cause personal injury.

. Before turning on the electrical appliance, remove any keys or adjustment tool. A tuning tool or a fixed wrench on a rotating part of the electrical appliance may cause personal injury.

. Tool support using the non-slip handle provided. When drilling, bits may come into contact with hidden wires. Contact of electrical tools with live parts may cause a serious electric shock to the user.

. Don’t get distracted, check what you are doing and use normally when operating power tools. Do not operate power tools when tired or under the influence of drugs, alcohol or drugs. A moment of distraction while operating power tools can cause serious personal injury.

. Avoid involuntary start. Ensure that the switch is in the off position before turning on the power and/or battery pack and before removing or transporting the device. . . Transporting electrical equipment by holding your finger on the switch or when connected to a power source with the switch in the on position causes an accident.

. Use personal protective equipment. Always wear eye protection. Protective equipment such as dust masks, non-slip safety shoes, helmets or hearing protection help reduce the likelihood of personal injury.

. Avoid accidental ignition. Make sure that the switch is in the off position before connecting the tool to a power source and/or battery pack, before taking or transporting it. Move the power tool with your finger on the switch or connect them to the power source with the switch in the possible position.

made an accident.

. Remove any adjustment wrench before turning on the power tool. A wrench attached to a rotating part of an electrical tool can cause personal injury.

. Do not lose your balance. Always maintain proper position and balance. This gives you greater control over the power tool in unexpected situations.

. Dress appropriately. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry. Keep hair, clothing, and gloves away from moving parts. Loose clothes, jewelry, or long hair can get caught in moving parts.

. If devices are connected to collection and vacuuming plants, ensure that they are connected and used appropriately. The use of these devices can reduce dust-related risks.

. Do not use the power tool if the on and off switch does not work properly. Any electrical tool that cannot be controlled by the switch is dangerous and must be repaired.

. Disconnect the plug from the power source and/or the battery pack from the power tool before making any adjustments, changing accessories or storing the power tool. Such preventive safety measures reduce the risk of accidentally starting a power tool.

. Store unused power tools out of the reach of children and do not allow them to be used by unskilled people or those who do not know these instructions. Power tools are dangerous if used by inexperienced people.

. Perform necessary maintenance on electrical tools. Check for assembly or block of incorrect moving parts, breakage of parts and any other conditions that may affect the operation of power tools. If it is broken, repair the power tool before use. Countless accidents are caused precisely by the poor maintenance of electrical tools.

.Disconnect the plug from the mains and/or battery pack of electrical equipment before making any type of adjustment, before changing accessories or storing. These safety precautions reduce the risk of accidental operation of the device.

What should I do to pair the tool with a screwdriver?

To pair the device with a screwdriver, pay attention to three simple steps:

. open the spindle of the screwdriver;

. Insert the hexagonal body into the spindle along the entire length;

tighten spindle.

Where can I buy replacement tips for impact wrench?

Replacement tips can be purchased in most tool stores.